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Lee Jackson to Governor Arthur Capper

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Creator: Kansas. Governor (1915-1919: Capper)

Date: June 8, 1918

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Government record

Call Number: Governor's Office, Governor Arthur Capper, Correspondence Files, Alphabetical File Box 36 Folder 11

Unit ID: 207798

Summary: Ottawa County Attorney, Lee Jackson, writes Governor Arthur Capper of Topeka (Shawnee County) requesting that he ask Phil Crab an Ada (Ottawa County) resident to donate to the Red Cross. Mr. Crab's refusal to donate to the Red Cross made him the object of ridicule and harassment by other local residents. During WWI, the domestic effort to support the war created an expectation that every citizen would contribute in various ways, including cash donations. Persons who did not meet this expectation, who were critical of the government, or were suspected of being German sympathizers were often referred to as "slackers." Governor Arthur Capper maintained a "slacker" file in his office and frequently appealed to individual Kansas citizens to support the war. See Governor Arthur Capper to Phil Crab, June 11, 1918.

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Title (Main title): Lee Jackson to Governor Arthur Capper


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