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Governor John P. St. John letter press book

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Creator: Kansas. Governor (1879-1883 : St. John)

Date: January 14 - April 10, 1879

Level of Description: Series

Material Type: Government record

Call Number: Governor's Office, Letter Press Books, St. John, Box 4-14, No. 14-46

Unit ID: 210556

Summary: This collection of governor's correspondence comprises letters written by Kansas Governor John St. John and copied into a letter press book. Governor St. John's term of office (1879-1883) embraced the Exoduster movement, prohibition, conflicts with Native Americans, and the growth of the railroad industry in the state. Many of these letters will concern those issues as well as other more mundane activities. This series includes many responses to letters St. John received. Many of those letters are available as "correspondence received" in St. John's gubernatorial records. Some of those letters are available on Kansas Memory as item no. 210296 (Exoduster received correspondence) or item no. 216777 (Prohibition received correspondence). This book is the first in a series of eight letter press books St. John created while governor of Kansas. Due to the inherent difficulties of copying a letter into a press book, many of the letters will be difficult or impossible to read. An alphabetical index of correspondents and subjects begins the volume.

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Title (Main title): Governor John P. St. John letter press book

Scope and Content

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  1. No. 14, January 14 - April 10, 1879
  2. No. 15, April 12 - ca. May 17, 1879
  3. No. 16, May 17 - June 25, 1879
  4. No. 17, June 25 - August 5, 1879
  5. No. 18, August 5 - ca. September 8, 1879
  6. No. 19, September 8 - October 18, 1879
  7. No. 20, October 22 - December 1, 1879
  8. No 21, December 1 - 29, 1879


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