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P. J. McBride to Ralph Tennal

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Creator: Kansas. Governor (1915-1919: Capper)

Date: December 8, 1917

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Government record

Call Number: Governor's Office, Governor Arthur Capper, Correspondence Files, Numerical File Box 10 Folder 3

Unit ID: 211815

Summary: This letter was written in response to Ralph Tennal?s earlier letter (dated December 2) to Gov. Arthur Capper, which had been referred to P. J. McBride, the Commissioner of Labor and Industry. In it, McBride responds to Tennal?s concerns that the child labor law prevented children from learning the value of hard work. McBride politely states that the state legislature enacted this law, and thus complaints should be directed to the legislators. While he concurs with Tennal?s assertion that children who are bored can get into mischief, McBride argues that ?the solution to this problem is the proper control and direction of play and recreation of our children by parents and public welfare officials rather than by putting them at work in our industries.? Consequently, child labor laws not only prevented abuses, but they also allowed children the free time deemed necessary for their development, as well as ensuring that these girls and boys receive a solid education. In closing, McBride encourages Tennal to rethink his position and help ensure compliance with these laws. Tennal had also written a letter about this issue on November 22, 1917.

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Title (Main title): P. J. McBride to Ralph Tennal

Part of: Records of the Kansas Governor's Office. Records of the Kansas Governor's Office : administration of Governor Arthur Capper (1915-1919).


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