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Records of the Kansas Supreme Court

Creator: Kansas. Supreme Court

Date: 1861 - 1999

Level of Description: Coll./Record Group

Material Type: Government record

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Abstract: This collection contains the records of the Supreme Court. The records document the actions of the Court for all appeals cases in the state of Kansas. The collection consists primarily of case files and briefs, organized chronologically by case number. The case files contain all original legal documents, correspondence, and orders for the individual cases. The briefs series contains booklets entitled Brief of Appellant or Brief of the Appellee, summarizing the nature of the case and the arguments from either side. In addition to the files, the collection contains volumes of docket entries and motions for cases appearing before the court, summarizing all legal action taken regarding each case. Also included are several stay bonds and cost bond volumes documenting the responsible parties liable for the trial expenses, as well as exhibits used in particular cases.

Because the Supreme Court controlled the Court of Appeals between 1901 and 1977, researchers should consider viewing the records of the Appellate Court as well.

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Title (Main title): Records of the Kansas Supreme Court

Administrative History

Administrative History: The Kansas Supreme Court is a constitutional agency established in 1861. The Supreme Court, by constitutional mandate, has general administrative authority over all Kansas courts. Its rules govern appellate practice in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, and procedures in the district courts. It consists of seven justices, each of whom is selected by the governor. The governor appoints from a list of three qualified individuals submitted by the Supreme Court Nominating Commission. After the first year in office, a justice is subject to a retention vote in the next general election. If a majority of electors votes to retain the justice, he or she remains in office for a term of six years. Justices are subject to a similar retention vote at the conclusion of each term.

The justice who is senior in terms of continuous service is designated by the Kansas Constitution as the chief justice, unless he or she declines or resigns the position. The chief justice has general administrative supervision over the affairs of the court and of the unified judicial department of the state.

Justices of the Supreme Court ordinarily do not conduct trials. They decide an appealed case by reading the record of the trial and written briefs filed by the parties, and hearing oral arguments of lawyers. They research and review the law involved in the case and then write an opinion which is usually published in bound volumes. The court announces its decisions by filing them with the Office of the Clerk of the Appellate Courts.

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