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Governor Walter A. Huxman, correspondence files, box 3

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Creator: Kansas. Governor (1937-1939 : Huxman)

Date: 1937-1939

Level of Description: File unit

Material Type: Government record

Call Number: Governor's Office, Governor Walter A. Huxman, Correspondence Files, Box 3

Unit ID: 309432

Summary: These folders contain correspondence with Governor Huxman and are subdivided into appointment files, folders 1 - 15, and state agency files, folders 16 - 37. The state agency files contain routine correspondence to and from nearly all of the bureaus of the state government.

Space Required/Quantity: [Not stated]

Title (Main title): Governor Walter A. Huxman, correspondence files, box 3

Scope and Content

Portions of Collection Separately Described:

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Portions of Collection Not Separately Described:

  1. Folder 1 Nurses, State Board of the Examination of, 1938
  2. Folder 2 Optometry, Board of Examiners in, 1937-1938
  3. Folder 3 Osteopathic, Examination and Registration, St. Bd. of, 1937-38
  4. Folder 4 Pharmacy, State Board of, 1937-38
  5. Folder 5 Probate Judge, 1937-38
  6. Folder 6 Regents, State Board of, 1937-38
  7. Folder 7 Review, State Board of, 1937-38
  8. Folder 8 Social Welfare, State Board of, 1937-38
  9. Folder 9 Soil Conservation Committee, State, 1937
  10. Folder 10 Soldiers' Home, Kansas. Board of Managers, 1937-38
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Agency Classification:

    Kansas State Agencies. Governor's Office. Specific Administrations. Huxman, Walter Administration.