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Governor Edward Arn, correspondence files, box 58

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Creator: Kansas. Governor (1951-1955 : Arn)

Date: January 1951-January 1955

Level of Description: Item

Material Type: Government record

Call Number: Governor's Office, Governor Edward Arn, Correspondence Files, Subject Files Box 58

Unit ID: 310000

Summary: These folders contain correspondence subject files with Governor Arn, the thirty-second governor of Kansas, serving from January 8, 1951 to January 10, 1955. Some subjects included are flood, flood control and the disaster relief committee. Starting on July 13, 1951, one of the most costly floods in Kansas? history swept down the Kansas River valley into the Missouri River basin. The Kansas River valley had flooded before but not with this magnitude and damage. During the period of July 9-13, some areas in the Kansas River basin received 18.5 inches of rain. The eastern half of the basin averaged 8 inches. T

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Title (Main title): Governor Edward Arn, correspondence files, box 58

Scope and Content

Portions of Collection Separately Described:

Portions of Collection Not Separately Described:

  1. Folder 1 Flood -- Disaster Relief Committee, 1951
  2. Folder 2 Flood -- Disaster Relief Committee, 1951
  3. Folder 3 Flood -- Requests for Funds, Jul-Nov 1951
  4. Folder 4 Flood -- State-Federal Coordinating Committee on Flood Relief, 1951
  5. Folder 5 Flood -- Taxes on Flooded Property, 1951-1952
  6. Folder 6 Flood Control, Jan-Apr 1952
  7. Folder 7 Flood Control, May 1952
  8. Folder 8 Flood Control, Jun-Aug 1952
  9. Folder 9 Flood Control, Sep-Oct 1952
  10. Folder 10 Flood Control, Nov-Dec 1952


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    Kansas State Agencies. Governor's Office. Specific Administrations. Arn, Edward Administration.