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Tradition Farms questionnaires and supplemental material

Date: 1986-[ongoing]

Level of Description: Coll./Record Group

Material Type: Manuscripts

Call Number: Ms. Coll. 216

Unit ID: 40216

Restrictions: None.

Abstract: Questionnaires and supplemental material, primarily correspondence, notes, photographs, and newspaper clippings submitted to the Kansas State Board and Dept. of Agriculture by individuals who qualified for the program. In addition, historical and modern photograph copies are included in the files. Both the Kansas Department of Agriculture and the Kansas Historical Society’s manuscripts collection have the farm history records. Many of the Kansas Tradition Farms’ families sent in original pictures of their farms and family members. The Kansas Historical Society's photographs staff has made copies of those originals for the photo collection. The originals were sent back to the participants.

Space Required/Quantity: 2 ft. (4 boxes)

Title (Main title): Tradition Farms questionnaires and supplemental material

Titles (Other):

  • Tradition Farms papers
  • Tradition Farms program

Administrative History

Administrative History:

The farming tradition is an important component found in Kansas. Families are proud of their heritage. They want to share their endeavors with others.

In July, 1986, the Kansas Tradition Farms program began when Governor John Carlin formed a committee to plan for Kansas’ one hundred twenty-fifth statehood anniversary. The Tradition Farms project has recognized farm families’ contributions to Kansas. The main criteria stipulated that the farms must have been obtained by an ancestor of the current owner’s family one hundred or more years ago. It must either have been farmed or resided upon by a descendant of that founder today. The recipients have received a certificate presented by the Kansas secretary of agriculture and signed by the Kansas governor. The Kansas Tradition Farms program has not changed since its inception in 1986. Carole A. Jordan, public information officer for the Kansas Department of Agriculture, felt gratified at the response of the people to the project. “People love to talk about their families and farms. It makes you feel good to talk with them.”

Scope and Content

Scope and content:

The Tradition Farms collection contains questionnaires and supplemental material of farms held by family members for one hundred or more years. Beginning in 1986 to the present, the program has continued to flourish in Kansas. The collection is composed of completed questionnaires, correspondence, and photocopied pictures and notes.

Two significant aspects of the collection pertain to the willingness of the farm families to share their experiences and the pride they have in being Kansas Tradition Farms members. A researcher wishing to pursue the subject would find substantial material relating to the “families’ times on the farm.”

Numerous situations seem to come to life from the papers. Droughts, grasshoppers, blizzards, and rattlesnakes seemed to be present in many of the scenarios. Yet, the Kansas farmers not only survived, but seemed to become more resilient from the experience. One example involved a young lady who was scalped by the Indians, survived the harrowing encounter, married, and had children.

Kansans have a special pride in their heritage. One farm family is a cousin to Jean Stratton Porter, the writer. Another farm family was a cousin to the late Walt Disney.

The questionnaires and supplemental material are arranged in alphabetical order with A-G in box 1, H-K in box 2, L-R in box 3, and S-Z in box 4. (There is a newspaper clipping pertaining to the project in box 1, folder 1.)

The Kansas Farm Bureau has a similar program called Century Farms. The farms they have recognized are listed on their website: http://www.kfb.org/getinvolved/centuryfarms/

Scope and content: Box List

Box 1: Newspaper Clippings (1 folder)
Box 1: Questionnaires and Supplemental Material, A-G (7 folders)
Box 2: Questionnaires and Supplemental Material, H-K (4 folders)
Box 3: Questionnaires and Supplemental Material, L-R (8 folders)
Box 4: Questionnaires and Supplemental Material, S-Z (6 folders)

Contents: Newspaper clippings (box 1) -- questionnaires and supplemental material (boxes 1-4).


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Associated materials: Other archival records of the Kansas Dept. of Agriculture and predecessor agencies are in the Kansas Historical Society's state archives holdings, Record Group 46; http://www.kshs.org/archives/214223

Finding Aids: Finding aid available from the Kansas Historical Society (Topeka) and on its website, http://www.kshs.org/p/tradition-farms-questionnaires-and-supplemental-material-1986/13805

Other Finding Aid/Index:

Appendix A: Alphabetical Listing of Owners of Tradition Farms Where County Is Unknown

Abrahamson, Roy ; Allen, Duane and Sharon

Bartholomew, Kenneth ; Beggs, Eugene V. ; Bell, Phyllis ; Bloomberg, Elton Edstal ; Bortz, Mrs. Walter (Nellie) ; Bourne, Mrs. B. A. (Dorothy R.) ; Brownback, Judith West ; Burns, Gene

Christiansen, Mrs. Arthur (Pauline Kubler) ; Cole, Robert and Geraldine ; Cooper, Lowell E.

Dettmer, Paul F. ; DeVault, E. N. ; Dodson, Carl E. ; Dooley, Donald and Louise (Hyde) ; Dresher, Howard S.

Ellis, Ray H. and Helen ; Ellison, Elwyn D. ; Farris, Eldon Eugene

Fisher, Fred R. ; Forssberg, Keith Eugene and Patricia Ann Scollin ; Freace, Charlotte

Gaines, Ada ; Gilstrap, Alva Grace ; Goebel, Emma ; Gustafson, Carl M.

Hageman, Lewis ; Hager, Mina Snook ; Hain, Henry ; Hancks, Elizabeth Howell ; Harper, C. Wayne ; Hathaway, Ralph and Beth ; Hazen, Sterling Wyatt ; Hemme, David Joseph ; Hetzke, Susanne K. ; Hill, Frances Shellito ; Hommertzheim, Gerhard J. ; Horchem, Chloe Scott ; Horn, Robert L. ; Hoskinson, Mrs. Cecil L. ; Hoskinson, Lorene E. ; Hulstine, Ivan E. ; Humberg, Thomas and Carolyn Joan (Dirks)

Jenista, J. R. ; Johnson, Mildred A. ; Johnson, Lawrence W. ; Johnson, Mrs. L. P. ; Jory, Carol A.

Kaufman, Lorraine ; Kilgore, Theron C. ; Kinnamon, Wilbur ; Kirkpatrick, Edward L. ; Kirkwood, Arlyn ; Koch, Joseph C. ; Kolbeck, Ivan ; Kolling, Henry M. and Phyllis I. (Long) ; Kubin, Dale ; Landgren, Marvin

Landis, Mrs. Samuel D. ; Lanham, Edna G. ; Leis, Norma ; Lewis, Dorothy Ann ; Loring, Glenn R. ; Lucas, Daisy A.

Marken, Harland L. ; Marte, P. Junior ; Mast, Fred and Katie ; Meseke, Arthur H. ; Mueller, John and Nell ; Mueller, Fay A. and Edith

Nelson, Mel ; Newman, Sara Marie (Stielow) ; Nichols, Wilma M. (Fuller) ; Nikkel, Theodore P. and Helen ; Norris, Dolores Louise (Klink)

Osborn, Neal ; Ostberg, Ted A.

Peterson, Arden D. ; Powers, Mrs. Aca (Hazel)

Raup, Rowland S. ; Ricker, Mrs. Faye Edith (Corwin) ; Riordan, Vincent J.

Sandberg, Mrs. T. W. ; Sanders, John L. and Zelma G. (Tarr) ; Schlochtermeier, Mrs. Pete (Susanne Dikes) ; Schmidt, Mrs. Marion C. ; Schmidt, Norman D. ; Scott, Harold B. ; Shields, Fred and Virginia ; Skolout, Frank ; Smith, William T. and Nellie E. (Cottrell) ; Smith, Ronald and Marge ; Soodsma, Vernon Dale ; Sorem, James R., Jr., and Mary Joanne ; Stadler, David G. and Phyllis B. ; Steele, Dale ; Stoughton, Ellis and Mary E.

Ten Eyck, Ralph and Juanita ; Timberlake, Helen and Harry ; Toothaker, Willis ; Turner, William Leonard

Weihe, Genevieve M. ; Wheaton, Dorothy L. ; Wheeler, Norris E. ; White, Ernest A. ; Wiebe, Leland and Anna Lee ; Wight, Albert ; Wise, Norman Keith ; Woodrow, Tyrell ; Wright, Bill R.

Other Finding Aid/Index:

Appendix B: Tradition Farms Listing by County
Allen: Gerken, Grimas H.
Anderson: Anderson, Ed C. ; McDonald, Harold J. ; Weatherman, Robert Paul.
Atchison: Drimmel, Richard ; Hargrove, Richard D. ; Sprang, Rick and Susan.
Barton: Birzer, James ; Bowman, Mildred Grizzell ; Davidson, Charles F. ; Davidson, LaVerne ; Hammer, Denis G. ; Hofmeister, Frederick ; Neuforth, Mr. & Mrs. Glenn ; Nicolet, Neuell ; Praeger, Kenneth and Brian ; Pundsack, Otto S. and Hattie ; Riemann, Albert E. ; Spreier, Lillian ; Wright, Isom V.
Brown: King, Frank, Jr. (Doodle) and Arlene ; Klinefelter, John Michael and Gloria Plamann
Butler: Balzer, Raymond and Pauline ; Bodecker, Blaine ; Harder, Edgar and Agnes ; Van Buskirk, Janet L.
Chautauqua: Beazer, G. Cecil and Alice E.
Cherokee: Archer, John T.
Cheyenne: Deyle, Caroline L.
Clark: Aldridge, Gary L. and C. Jane ; Baldwin, Joe ; Bare, Robert ; Inlow, Ven V. ; McKinney, Charles R. ; McMinimy, Mrs. Wendell A. (Madeline) ; Randall, Paul F. ; Scott, Carl E. ; Weikal, Willis ; Wilson, Matthew L.
Clay: Blake, Kenneth and Marie ; Case, Horace and Fern Engel ; Hofmann, Rodney ; Jurey, Orcena (Michelson)
Cloud: Anderson, John Edward ; Cool, Dorothy Brock ; Decker, Lois Gladys and Ruth Angeline ; Fraser, Gary and Julie (nee Begnoche) Pounds ; Halderson, Roy H. ; Hall, Otto G. ; Keil, W. Benson
Coffey: Combes, Gale and Christine ; Ingwersen, James William ; McMullen, William Henry and Helen L. ; Payer, Wayne ; Thomas, Clara Rosenquist ; Williams, Cynthia Ann and William D.
Commanche: Crowe, Mike and Linda (Oller)
Cowley: Gatton, David R. ; Gray, Dorothy (Branson)
Crawford: Anderson, Nelson T. ; Jagels, Mrs. Paul (Esther) ; Zimmerman, Betty and Ray
Decatur: May, Mr. And Mrs. Walter H.
Dickinson: Barten, Mrs. William (Clara C.) ; Charles, Donald Evans ; Chase, Wendell and Ruby (Ward) ; Cregan, Cyril J. ; Fry, Howard L. and Dessie C. ; Gfeller, Frank W. ; Hassler, Elaine R. ; Henricks, Mrs. Mabel ; Long, Chester A. ; Pagenkoph, Lillian ; Schumacker, Richard H. ; Staatz, Wesley S. and Alma ; Taylor, Paul E. ; Tyrell, Benjamin R. and Margaret E. ; Underhill, Dean ; Whitehair, Robert J. and Mae
Doniphan: Anderson, Donald E. and Fern
Douglas: Altenbernd, Elvin C. ; Buchheim, Harry K. ; Butell, George H. ; Fawl, Vivian E. ; Featherston, Lloyd ; Hornberger, Julius H. ; Jardon, Buddy C. ; Maichel, Albert W. ; Meairs, William, Jr. ; Wulfkuhle, Ross E. and Margaret (Colman)
Edwards: Britton, David ; Burcher, Robert, Jr. ; Crockett, Floyd D. and C. O. Fisher ; Cross, Brian Andrew & Jill (McHenry) ; Fisher, C. O. and Floyd D. Crockett ; Froetschner, Ernest ; Hattrup, Dennis ; Heitt, Mrs. Paul (Marcella nee Wortmann) ; Herrmann, Norman and Pauline ; Herrmann, Frank J. and Mamie ; Lancaster, Wilma (Kurth) ; McClaren, David E. ; McLean, Douglas ; Parker, Welton ; Riisoe, John T. ; Schultz, Doris M. ; Schwarz, Edward F. ; Wetzel, Leroy ; Wetzel, Steve and LaVerne
Elk: Osborn, Neal
Ellis: Brull, Charles & Marlene ; Burns, Ralph and Viola (Kutina) ; Denning, Titus ; Disney, Richard M. ; Johnson, Dan ; Krause, John W. ; Krause, Wilfred J. ; Sander, Robert J. ; Walz, Leroy H.
Ellsworth: Homeier, Marie Frances (Prachar) ; Peterman, Ronald E. ; Ward, Cherilee J. (Shiroky) ; Weinhold, Ivan H.
Ford: Andra, Vincent J. and Esther M. (Indick) ; Archer, B. B. ; Bell, Gary H. ; Berger, Kenneth and Wilma ; Burns, Beverlee Patterson ; Converth, Joe D. ; Cook, Mrs. Paul A. ; Downey, William J. & Clara (Riedlinger) ; Droste, Leonard ; Duesing, Phillip ; Ellis, Duane and Marilyn ; Feikert, Larry and Kathy (Berger) ; Fischer, Russell and Cleo (Taylor) ; Froetschner, William ; Giessel, Paul ; Goff, Walter David ; Gulick, Juanita (Jones) ; Hampton, Floris Jean (Snyder) and Marvin ; Hawes, Lee ; Heeke, Alfred ; Heiland, Irvia ; Heiland, Earl and Ethel ; Helfrich, Cletus and Wilfred ; Helfrich, Wilfred and Cletus ; Herman, Mrs. Gertrude ; Hescamp, George ; Hessman, Lucian A. ; Hink, Fredrick G. ; Hornung, Fred ; Imel, Charles V. and Yuvonne ; Indick, John and Phyllis ; Interman, John H. ; Issinghoff, Giles and Teresa ; Issinghoff, Robert and Emma ; Kasselman, Douglas and Tina ; Klenke, Urban ; Knoeber, Bernard and Zelma ; Konda, Virgil M. ; Lane, Russell T. ; Lane, Sylvan L. ; Malone, Albert H. ; Melia, John L., John E., and Douglas W. ; Molitor, C. E. ; Nau, Mary M. (Slattery) ; Patterson, Marguerite (Snook) ; Phillips, Eileen K. ; Powers, Grant, Jr. and Alice ; Quasenbarth, Harold ; Rueb, Keneth ; Schaffer, Mary B. (Carmichael) ; Scheib, Deloris (Sutton) and Todd Edward (son) ; Seacat, Max E. ; Shean, Verl ; Snook, Arnold ; Snyder, Raymond L. ; Steele, Alan K. ; Steele, Robert ; Tematt, Leonard ; Tieben, Kevin ; Tieben, Monica and Elizabeth and Anthony Heiland ; Warner, Jack ; Warner, John J. ; Warner, Willis B. ; Wetzel, Alan L. ; Wetzel, Helen J. ; Wetzel, Louis R. ; Wetzel, Robert W. ; Williams, Marilee (Snook)
Franklin: Keith, Clarence E. ; Ransom, Willard G., Jr. and Anne (Washington) ; Rubick, Faye A.
Graham: Jamison, Dean ; Olson, Mrs. D. Lane
Grant: Kepley, Ralph D.
Gray: Davis, Catherine T. ; Jacques, Edwin D. ; Renick, Bob ; Renick, Don ; Renick, W. Frank ; Sutton, Katherine
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Harper: Coleman, Frederic W.
Harvey: Cave, Lillian (Smith) and Ray A. ; Fast, Orlando and Maxine (Ruth)
Haskell: Davis, Richard
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Wyandotte: Schubert, Karl F.


Finding Aid Bibliography: Jordan, Carole A. “Program Honors Old Family Farms,” Hutchinson News, July 27, 1986.

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