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Township plats of selected states : Kansas

Creator: United States. General Land Office

Date: 1854- [1946]

Level of Description: Series

Material Type: Government record

Call Number: MICROFILM: MF 6829-MF 6837, available for interlibrary loan
Manuscripts Collection 5047

Unit ID: 59824

Abstract: Original manuscript plats of townships in Kansas (rolls 23-31 of National Archives microfilm publication T1234). In addition to showing the township and section lines, many of these plats also show drainage, roads & trails, Indian villages, boundaries of private land claims & grants and Indian cessions & reservations, sections reserved for schools or other use, cultivated fields, swamplands, and forested areas. Acreage is indicated for fractional sections. Descriptive information about the soils and corner section posts is sometimes given on the reverse of the plats. Most of the plats formerly maintained in the local land offices bear annotations that show land entry numbers referring to the original sale or disposition of each parcel of land to the first landholders or entrymen. In a few instances the names of the original landholders or entrymen also appear on the plats.

Space Required/Quantity: 9 microfilm reels ; 35 mm. (National Archives microfilm publications. T ; 1234)

Title (Main title): Township plats of selected states : Kansas

Titles (Other):

  • Florence McGlasson Gabelmann Memorial Library
  • Township plats, Kansas
  • Kansas [Portion of title]
  • Public survey township plats

Part of: Florence McGlasson Gabelmann Memorial Library.


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  • MF 6829: S&E, R1 T1 TO S&E, R8 T29
  • MF 6830: S&E, R8 T3 TO S&E, R15 T22
  • MF 6831: S&E, R15 T23 TO S&E R21 T35
  • MF 6832: S&E, R22 T2 TO S&W R5 T11
  • MF 6833: S&W, R5 T12 TO S&W R12 T7
  • MF 6834: S&W, R12 T8 TO S&W R18 T35
  • MF 6835: S&W, R19 T1 TO S&W R26 T12
  • MF 6836: S&W, R26 T13 TO S&W R35 T35
  • MF 6837: S&W, R36 T1 TO S&W R43 T35

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Other Finding Aid/Index: Descriptive information available on each microfilm roll, in the repository, and from the National Archives website, http://www.archives.gov

Related materials: United States. General Land Office. Field notes from selected General Land Office township survyes. National Archives microfilm publications. T ; 1240. Kansas Historical Society microfilm rolls MF 6838-MF 6902, available thru inter-library loan.

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    Kansas -- Surveys -- Maps
    Public lands -- Kansas -- Maps
    Topographical surveying -- Kansas

Creators and Contributors

Agency Classification:

    Federal Agencies. U.S. Department of the Interior. Bureau of Land Management. General Land Office.

Additional Information for Researchers

Use and reproduction: Public records

Reproduction: Microfilm. Washington, D. C. : National Archives and Records Service, General Services Administration, 1979. Available for research and inter-library loan

Holder of originals: National Archives (U.S.) (Washington, D.C.)


General Note: National Archives microfilm publications. T ; 1234