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Allen Crocker

Constitutional Delegate. Born: February 27, 1825, Bloomington, Indiana. Married: Sarah, 1850. Died: February 13, 1874, Burlington, Kansas.

Born in Bloomington, Indiana, on February 27, 1825, Allen Crocker married Sarah _______ about 1850. They moved to Texas, where their first child was born ca. 1851, and then to Kansas ca. 1855, and in 1856 Crocker served in the territorial militia. With Samuel Hoffman, Crocker was elected to represent the district that encompassed both Coffey and Woodson counties at the Wyandotte assembly; and during the convention an editorial correspondent for the Leavenworth Daily Times described him as "a fine specimen of our Western yeomanry-large limbed and large hearted, with clear head to comprehend, and ready hand to defend their rights." After the 1859 convention . . . he served as clerk of Coffey County and died near Burlington, Kansas, on February 13, 1874.

Entry: Crocker, Allen

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