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America3 Boat Model

America3 boat modelOwned by Wichita native William Koch, the America³ ("America Cubed") won the prestigious America's Cup competition on May 16, 1992. This is a model of the winning boat.

It belongs to a class of sailing craft known as "maxis," the largest, fastest, and most expensive sailboats built to race.

The America³ was one of several vessels built by Koch's syndicate as potential contenders for the America's Cup. The yacht's innovative design is based on extensive scientific research and testing.

Koch has said of the America's Cup, "To win, you have to combine art and science. We applied technology from different disciplines to a business in which tradition said technology would not work. We ignored the rules of thumb and looked at what made products better."

His unorthodox scientific approach to boat design was a major contributor to the skepticism in yachting circles that America³ was not a serious contender. Nevertheless, Koch prevailed, and America³ defeated Il Moro di Venezia V four-to-one to win the America's Cup.

This model of the America³ was donated to the Kansas Museum of History by Koch in 1995.

Entry: America3 Boat Model

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