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Carry Nation Portrait

Sketch of Carry Nation by Albert ReidThis portrait of Carry Nation in the Society's collections was sketched by political cartoonist and artist Albert Reid the day after Nation came to Topeka in January, 1901.

Albert Reid made the sketch in Governor William E. Stanley's office while Nation attempted to plead, chastise, and cajole the executive into upholding the state's temperance laws. Stanley lost his temper at one point during the interview, telling Nation, "You are a woman. But a woman must know a woman's place. They can't come in here and raise this kind of disturbance."

The cartoonist described the encounter on the back of the sketch, claiming that "the Governor maintained his dignity and composure throughout—but he almost busted his suspenders." Nation's right eye was bruised from her saloon-smashing excursion in Enterprise a few days earlier.

For more on Carry Nation's life and times, see the online exhibit Carry A. Nation: The Famous and Original Bar Room Smasher.

Entry: Carry Nation Portrait

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