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Central Christian College

In 1884, Central Christian College began as Orleans Seminary in Nebraska, but because of deteriorating facilities and small enrollment the facility moved to McPherson, Kansas, in 1914. The new school was named Central Academy and College and taught elementary and high school. The college eventually added a junior college curriculum, and in 1918 was accredited by the Kansas Department of Education. Central College is the oldest accredited junior college in Kansas.

In 1939, Orville S. Walters became president of the college. During his presidency he eliminated the college’s $40,000 debt and changed the college name from Central Academy and College to Central College. The first intercollegiate athletic program was also established during Walters’ presidency. In the 1950s the name was changed again to Central College of the Free Methodist Church, and the college expanded to include a gymnasium, fine arts building, and a student center. The high school was eventually closed.

In 1999 the college became Central Christian College of Kansas, and in 2000 was officially recognized as a four-year college. 

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