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Cool Things Podcasts - 2010

Get an insider's perspective on interesting objects selected by curators at the Kansas Museum of History.

Admiral home entertainment systemAdmiral Television Play Audio
December 29, 2010

Developed in Europe during the 1920s, television quickly spread around the world.  Its first appearance in Delia, Kansas, came in 1949 when the Rosser family purchased this Admiral home entertainment system.
Behind-the-scenes:  History Detectives recently paid us a visit.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to John Lennon.
Running time 00:29:54

Infant Santa Claus outfitSanta Baby Play Audio
December 15, 2010

Dressing like Santa Claus has been a tradition for fathers and department store workers for many years, but babies didn't take up the practice until the mid-20th century.  This 1963 Santa baby outfit was worn by Kansas newborn Joan Ledeboer.
Behind-the-scenes:  Explore our redesigned website and its new features.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to the Snow Miser.
Running time 00:30:30

Mudtown dollWhat a Doll! Play Audio
December 1, 2010

A decade before the end of segregation, a kind woman and a little girl broke through racial barriers in Topeka.  This handmade African American doll symbolizes a bond between whites and blacks in the Mudtown neighborhood during the 1940s.
Behind-the-scenes:  The exhibit Cars: The Need for Speed comes to a crashing halt.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Muppet megastar, Elmo.
Running time 00:26:34

Autograph dogAutograph Dog Play Audio
November 17, 2010

The fad in the 1960s was for friends to autograph stuffed animals.  This stuffed dog is covered with the signatures of its owner's classmates, as well as the autograph of one very famous coach.
Behind-the-scenes: Our collections staff talks about recent acquisitions and declines.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to the Roscoe, Texas, wind farm.
Running time 00:28:27

Truman's panama hatNice Hat, Harry Play Audio
November 3, 2010

Panama hats symbolized power in the first half of the 20th century.  This expensive headwear marked the presence of a well-traveled man.  Today's episode considers a Panama hat worn by President Harry Truman.
Behind-the-scenes: Visitors describe their first cars inside our exhibit, Cars:  The Need for Speed.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Queen Noor of Jordan
Running time 00:28:54

Ouija boardTexting With the Dead Play Audio
October 20, 2010

Imagine a world in which the living commune with the dead. Most people today find that a bizarre concept, but 100 years ago it was a fun pastime for the Wichita family who used this Ouija board.
Behind-the-scenes: Staff members describe creepy artifacts in our collection.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Winchester Mystery House
Running time 00:31:10

J.P. Morgan cartoonEat the Rich Play Audio
October 6, 2010

J.P. Morgan was a powerful man who held vast wealth and controlled finance and transportation around the United States. Should one man be so powerful? Political cartoonist Albert Reid didn't think so, and expressed his distaste in this antitrust cartoon.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Cuba
Running time 00:33:16

Landon lecternBulletproof Play Audio
September 22, 2010

Politics was a rough business in the 1930s. Kansas governor Alf Landon knew the stakes were high, so he traveled with this lead lectern during the 1936 presidential campaign.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Pluto
Running time 00:29:44

K-State ice cream boxI Scream Play Audio
September 8, 2010

. . . You scream, we all scream for ice cream! Hear how farm kids at Kansas State University brought this tasty frozen dessert to the masses when we consider an ice cream box from the K-State dairy.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Gene Roddenberry
Running time 00:30:00

Belt exerciserWhole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On Play Audio
August 25, 2010

Ladies, are you tired of spending hours at the gym instead of watching TV or napping? Then, the Walton Belt Vibrator is the machine for you! In this segment we consider a 1960s exerciser that will make you long for the good old days when you didn't have to break into a sweat to firm up problem areas.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Rachael Ray
Running time 00:20:55

Pogo comic stripWe Go Pogo! Play Audio
August 11, 2010

One of the most popular syndicated comic strips in the mid-20th century was Walt Kelly's "Pogo." It offered a satirical take on society and politics. This original strip from 1954 introduced readers to a mythical Kansas bird, the Jayhawk.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Elvis
Running time 00:26:55

Census taker's satchelCount Me In Play Audio
July 28, 2010

This summer our nation is taking its 23rd census of the population. These days the forms arrive in the mail, but a century ago census takers went door to door. This satchel was used by one of them in Kansas.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Lance Armstrong
Running time 00:19:59

Tandem bicycleA Bicycle Built for Two Play Audio
July 14, 2010

At least three Kansas families have enjoyed this tandem bicycle. They all rode in the southern part of the state, where the land is flat but the wind is strong. Riding into a Kansas headwind makes any cyclist appreciate healthy lungs and sturdy legs.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to George M. Cohan
Running time 00:25:03

Uncle Sam posterThe Most Famous Poster in the World Play Audio
June 30, 2010

There are many symbols for the United States. Perhaps the strongest national personification is the character known around the world as "Uncle Sam." This military recruiting poster has been widely reproduced and caricatured since World War I.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Landon Donovan
Running time 00:20:19

Carry Nation's hammerIf I Had a Hammer Play Audio
June 16, 2010

Carry Nation makes the top ten on every famous Kansans list for her trademark smashing of illegal saloons. An admirer sent the reformer this heavy hammer to use in her prohibition crusade.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Elsie the Cow
Running time 00:21:12

Service star flagOver There Play Audio
June 2, 2010

In honor of Memorial Day, we consider a service flag that was proudly displayed by a Kansas family during World War I. Their son was serving his country "over there."
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Tarzan
Running time 00:15:50

Kansas City Monarchs programTake Me Out to the Ball Game Play Audio
May 19, 2010

Baseball has long been known as America's pastime, but like many of our country's institutions, it has a history of racial segregation. Today we consider a program from a 1950s game between two Negro Leagues teams.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Douglas Adams
Running time 00:16:55

Colonial rifleColonial Rifle Play Audio
May 5, 2010

Gun collectors covet this rare and beautiful 18th century Pennsylvania-made rifle. How did it end up in Kansas? We'd like to know the answer to that question, too!
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Cinco de Mayo
Running time 00:16:55

Civil War quiltSpoils of War Play Audio
Apr. 21, 2010

Thousands of buildings were looted of their contents during the Civil War. This quilt from a ransacked South Carolina home has only recently been reunited with its history.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Earth Day
Running time 00:18:52

Rescue mannequinMannequins for Dummies Play Audio
Apr. 7, 2010

We have a dummy in the museum! Not your run-of-the-mill department store mannequin, this figure was a silent partner in training hospital staff and emergency workers during the 1960s.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Billie Holiday
Running time 00:15:35

Treece mineralsRock this Town Play Audio
Mar. 24, 2010

Mining has been big business in southeastern Kansas almost since our state was founded. These mineral samples from the town of Treece speak to the area's mining heritage, as well as its less savory legacy.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle
Running time  00:26:26

Child's dressA Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman Play Audio
Mar. 10, 2010

Most of us had a favorite piece of clothing from childhood. Hear about a dress from the turn of the last century, worn by a girl who would later become a prolific artist.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Colin Farrell
Running time 00:17:23

American Woman paintingAmerican Woman Play Audio
Feb. 24, 2010

Securing the right to vote was a major milestone for women in America. As we approach Women's History Month, we consider a controversial painting in our collections that commented on the rights of 19th century women in politics and society. It's titled, "American Woman and Her Political Peers."
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Senator Barbara Mikulski
Running time 00:22:25

Pinball machinePinball Wizard Play Audio
Feb. 10, 2010

Parents today complain about their kids playing video games, but many of these elders once wasted their time playing pinball. This episode considers a 1960s machine emblazoned with a rock band called "The Bootles" (sound familiar?). Then, we wrap things up with a retrospective of our favorite podcasts to mark our 100th episode.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Benjamin Franklin
Running time 00:33:16

Motoring coatLeft in the Dust Play Audio
Jan. 27, 2010

We think nothing of jumping in the car no matter what the weather, but a century ago open cars and dirt roads made it difficult to look good after a drive. This motoring coat protected early-day road warriors from the elements.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Agent 99
Running time 00:17:31

Strawberry Hill paintingStrawberry Hill Play Audio
Jan. 13, 2010

Some art has strong historical value. These paintings by Croatian American artist Marijana Grisnik depict memories of an old Kansas City neighborhood known as Strawberry Hill.
Six Degrees: W.A. White to Tiger Woods
Running time 00:24:06


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