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Elwood "Bingo" DeMoss

African American professional baseball player.  Born: September 5, 1889, Topeka, Kansas.  Died: January 26, 1965, Chicago, Illinois.

Elwood "Bingo" DeMoss, born in 1889 in Topeka, is considered one of the best second basemen in the Negro Leagues. He led the Chicago American Giants to the first three Negro National League pennants.

He began his career in 1905 with the Topeka Giants.  He also played with the Kansas City, Kansas, Giants, Oklahoma Giants, West Baden Sprudels, Chicago Giants, Indianapolis ABCs, Bowser's ABCs, Detroit Stars, All Cubans, Cleveland Giants, Chicago Brown Bombers, and Brooklyn Brown Dodgers. In the latter stages of his career he became a manager.

DeMoss died in 1965.

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