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Hugh Sleight Walsh

Hugh Sleight WalshPolitician, acting territorial governor. Democrat. Born: November 10, 1810, New Windsor, Orange County, New York. Died: April 23, 1877, Grantville, Kansas. Served as acting territorial governor of Kansas: July 3 to July 30, 1858; October 10 to December 18, 1858; August 1 to September 15, 1859; April 15 to June 16, 1860.

Hugh Sleight Walsh was born November 10, 1810, in New Windsor, Orange County, New York. After growing up in New York, Walsh lived briefly in Alabama. In 1857 he moved to Kansas Territory.  There he served as private secretary to acting territorial Governor Frederick P. Stanton and territorial Governor James W. Denver. On May 12, 1858, Walsh became secretary of the territory. After Denver resigned his position in October 1858, Walsh served as acting governor until the arrival of Samuel Medary that December. Walsh was credited with aiding border ruffians as they suppressed James Montgomery’s troops in southeast Kansas. In June 1860 Walsh retired from the secretary's office and began farming near Grantville in Jefferson County.  He lived there with his son until his death April 23, 1877.

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