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Kearny County, Kansas

Kearny County was organized on March 27, 1888, by John O'Laughlin; A. B. Boylan; T. D. Brockett; E. S. Show; C. Co. Chapman. Named for General Philip Kearny, it contains the cities of Deerfield and Lakin.

In 1887 the first one hundred miles of an irrigation ditch was constructed in the northern part of the county. This early attempt at irrigation was a major event in the agricultural development of the area.

The first church was Methodist founded in a used schoolhouse in a rural area in 1886. There is a county fair, but it is unknown when it began. The first school district was formed in 1884.

Interesting sites in the county include the Snow Building, Lakin Cleaners and Old Lakin State Bank.

For more information see the Kearny County website. The Kearny County Museum, the public library, and the courthouse all have source materials and records available.

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