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Lawn Sweeper

Parker lawn sweeper, late 1950sThe Electro-Sweep lawn sweeper helped its owners keep a well-groomed yard in the mid-20th century.

Since the dawn of marketing, there have been plenty of efforts to invent time- and labor-saving devices. Certainly this would include machines that assist in creating manicured lawns.


Close-up of Parker logo on lawn sweeperThe Parker Sweeper Company of Springfield, Ohio, sold the Electro-Sweep ES-5628 in the late 1950s. This lawn sweeper is not unlike models still used today. The motor drives the brushes, which in turn sweep leaves and other yard debris into the canvas catcher.

The sweeper pictured here belonged to Elna Eileen Ridgway of Atwood in Rawlins County, and was given to the Kansas Museum of History by her son, Evan Ridgway of Leawood.

Entry: Lawn Sweeper

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