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Scott Family

As Tom Eblen has pointed out, “The Iola Register has been owned and operated by a single family since 1882.  It is the oldest such business in Allen County.  Only four publishers have been at the helm, including Charles F. Scott, Angelo C. Scott, Emerson Lynn Jr. and Susan Lynn.

The Register became a daily in 1897 and Charles Scott had been the sole owner since 1889.  He remained the publisher until his death in 1938.  The Register was a Republican paper and like many papers of those times made no bones about its political orientation. Scott was heavily involved in the support of higher education, both as a regent at the University of Kansas and on the board of trustees of the College of Emporia.

Scott didn’t just write about politics. He was elected to Congress and served for 10 years as a U. S. Representative. He was quite an orator and an avid reader.  He was a friend of William Allen White and their summer cabins were only 50 yards apart.

His son, Angelo C. Scott, took over on Charles’ death in 1938 having worked at the paper since his youth.  The name of the paper changed from the Iola Daily Register to the Iola Register, in Angelo’s words, because a four-word firm name was a nuisance in filling out government forms.  Angelo also felt the only good reason to run a newspaper was so you could express your opinions.  He said if you didn’t you might as well run a hardware store.  With strong opinions on many matters  he was involved in many community efforts and public service.

In 1966 Angelo sold the paper to his nephew, Emerson Lynn, Jr.  Emerson and his wife Mickey had run the Humboldt Union and a Texas newspaper.  Emerson’s mother was the daughter of Charles Scott.  His father had also been a newspaperman so he got the urge from both sides.  Emerson was, almost inevitably, involved deeply in community affairs and educational and professional activities.  Somewhat like his uncle Angelo, Emerson had opinions about public issues, including candidates for public office, and stated them in his paper.

Three of his four children are in the newspaper business.  His daughter Susan Lynn bought the paper from her parents in 2001 and is following on the family path of community involvement as well as running a good local paper.

Entry: Scott Family

Author: G. Joseph Pierron

Author information: Judge Pierron serves on the Kansas Court of Appeals and has an interest in Kansas history.

Date Created: March 2012

Date Modified: April 2013

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