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Stanley Adams

George Seanor Robb and Stanley T. Adams (right)Stanley Taylor Adams was born May 9, 1922, in DeSoto. During World War II Adams enlisted in Olathe in 1942 and served in North Africa and Italy.

Adams continued his service into the Korean War. On February 4, 1951, Adams and his platoon came under attack from 250 enemy soldiers. Adams led 13 men into battle with their bayonets and engaged 150 enemy soldiers for an hour. Adams suffered a shot to the leg and was knocked down four times by grenades. Adams and his men killed more than 50 men and forced the others to withdraw. Adams was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic actions.

He retired from the army as a lieutenant colonel in 1970. Adams died April 19, 1999, in The Dalles, Oregon. 

Entry: Adams, Stanley

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