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Throughout Kansas history tableware has changed based on available materials, need, and lifestyle. Earlier dishes and utensils were made of found items, stone, rock, wood, and bone. Later pieces were made from earthenware and ceramic. People who traveled through the area on the trails brought along items with them. Eventually manufacturing allowed for mass production. Plates, bowls, drinkware, and cutlery became fairly standardized.

Traditional beer steins are made of stoneware, the word stein in German means stone. Many steins were souvenirs or collectibles. These steins may have decorative trim, etching, hinged tops, and made of pewter, glass, stoneware.

These items are among the Kansas Historical Society’s museum collections.

Stein Stein Stein
Stein, 1924.35.1 Stein, 1924.35.5 Stein, 1924.35.11
Stein Stein Stein
Stein, 1924.35.12 Stein, 1924.35.15 Stein, 1924.35.16
Stein Stein Stein
Stein, 1924.35.18 Stein,1924.35.19 Stein, 1924.35.20
Stein Stein Stein
Stein, 1924.35.21 Stein, 1924.35.22 Stein, 1924.35.23
Stein Stein Stein
Stein, 1924.35.24 Stein, 1924.35.25 Stein, 1924.35.26
Stein Stein Stein
Stein, 1924.35.27 Stein, 1924.35.27 Stein, 1924.35.27
Stein Stein Stein
Stein, 1924.35.28 Stein, 1924.35.30 Stein, 1924.35.31
Stein Stein Stein
Stein, 1924.35.32 Stein, 1924.35.35 Stein, 1924.35.37
Stein Stein Stein
Stein, 1924.35.39 Stein, 1924.35.40 Stein, 1924.35.40
Stein Stein Stein
Stein, 1924.35.41 Stein, 1924.35.42 Stein, 1924.35.43
Stein Stein Stein
Stein, 1924.35.44 Stein, 1924.35.45 Stein, 1924.35.49
Stein Railroad creamer Railroad sugar container
Stein, 1924.35.51 Railroad creamer, 1971.53.18.1 Railroad sugar container, 1971.53.18.2
Railroad candlestick Railroad menu holder Railroad sugar container
Railroad candlestick, 1971.53.18.6 Railroad menu holder, 1971.53.18.8 Railroad sugar container, 1971.53.18.10
Railroad salt shaker Harvey House coffeepot Railroad tablespoon
Railroad salt shaker, 1971.53.25.1 Harvey House coffeepot, 1973.72 Railroad tablespoon, 1976.40.3
Railroad teaspoon Railroad iced tea spoon Railroad demi cup
Railroad teaspoon, 1976.40.4 Railroad iced tea spoon, 1976.40.5 Railroad demi cup, 1981.298.308
Railroad demi cup Railroad oyster fork Railroad fork
Railroad demi cup, 1981.298.308 Railroad oyster fork, 2007.7.36 Railroad fork, 2007.7.37
Railroad soup spoon Railroad knife Railroad gold charger
Railroad soup spoon, 2007.7.40 Railroad knife, 2007.7.43 Railroad gold charger, 2007.7.44
Railroad ceramic plate    
Railroad ceramic plate, 2007.7.45    

Entry: Tableware

Author: Kansas Historical Society

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Date Created: February 2016

Date Modified: December 2016

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