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Windsor Hotel

Constructed in 1888 by John A. Stevens, this four story hotel was among the first buildings built in Garden City. Construction began in March 1887 ending in the spring of the following year. The project cost Stevens nearly $100,000 and the hotel was built using local materials.

The hotel has 125 rooms and even had an access connecting it to the Stevens Opera House which was also built by John Stevens. Nicknamed the "Waldorf of the Prairie", the hotel was reputed to be the largest between Denver and Kansas City. It was a popular stop for ranchers and businessmen who throughout it's years of operation exchanged many deals in it's hall's.

Stevens gave up ownership of the hotel in 1893 in the wake of economic troubles that were sweeping the country during the time. The hotel was passed on to John E. Baker and a Mr. Inge. The Opera House would remain until 1959 when it was finally dismantled. The hotel was placed on the National Register in 1972 and was finally closed in 1977. The Windsor is currently owned by the Finney County Preservation Alliance.

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