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Papers from Menninger Foundation individual affiliates

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Agency Classification

Organizations/Corporations. Menninger Foundation Archives. Menninger Foundation Corporate Records. Individual Affiliates.


Date: 1924 - 1997

Level of Description: Sub-collection/group

Physical Description: Circa 353 cubic feet

Unit ID: 227469

Descriptive Information

Abstract: The materials in this sub-collection consist of a wide variety of documents and records kept by individuals affiliated with the Menninger Foundation. Much of this material regards work performed for the Menninger Foundation by these individuals but also can include personal papers and records related to professional activities outside the foundation, including with professional associations, in individuals' publishing efforts, and with other institutions before and/or after coming to work for Menninger. There is a sub-set of manuscripts by various individuals, which include those written by or on behalf of former patients and those written about the Menninger Foundation.

Individuals with large or significant collections of papers represented here include Gardner and Lois Murphy of the Research Department, Ishak Ramzy of the Topeka Institute for Psychoanalysis, James C. Folsom, Leonard Duhl, Paul W. Pruyser with the Education Department, and Mary Cerney with the hospital. Other individuals who donated their papers include but are not limited to Alfred Bay, Bernard Hall, David Neiswanger, Dean Collins, Edward Greenwood, Hans Falck, erbert Klemmer, Irving Sheffel, J. Cotter Hirschberg, James Pratt, John Segerson, John Stone, John Homlish, Lester Roach, Lolafaye Coyne, Louis Cholden, Margaret Mead, Marion Kenworthy, Mildred Law, Nathaniel Uhr, Otto Fleischmann, Peter Fleming, Robert Schulman, Robert Switzer, Robert Woods, Samuel Zelman, Stuart Averill, Thomas Dolgoff, and William Simpson.

Contents List

Items in this list may appear in the format Description (beginning year - ending year). Sometimes dates appear as part of the Description and the phrase [Date not given] appears in the date area.

Related Records or Collections

Associated materials: Individuals may have given their papers to multiple institutions; look at those individuals' records for more information about where to find all their saved materials.

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  1. Medical personnel, Writings of
  2. Menninger Clinic
  3. Menninger Foundation -- Employees -- Archives
  4. Menninger School of Psychiatry -- Students -- Archives
  5. Mental health personnel and patient -- Kansas -- Topeka
  6. Mental health personnel -- Kansas -- Topeka
  7. Patients' writings
  8. Psychiatric hospital patients -- Kansas -- Topeka

Additional Information for Researchers

Ownership/Custodial Hist.: The papers found in this sub-set of the Menninger Foundation's corporate records consist of materials donated from individuals who were affiliated with the foundation in some concrete way. Generally these individuals were employed by the foundation as therapeutic, research, or administrative staff; they served on the Board of Trustees; they were students with the Menninger School of Psychiatry; or they were patients treated at the Menninger Clinic or C.F. Menninger Memorial Hospital.

Materials that came to the Menninger Foundation Archives from individuals who apparently had no relation to the foundation have been transferred to the Historic Psychiatry sub-collection.

The results displayed here have been compiled from a number of databases that may contain variations, inconsistencies, and inadvertent errors in the detailed information presented. For small collections and records series, only basic data is included at the present time. Other descriptions may be less complete than desired; however, we are working to improve them. For more information, please contact our reference staff.