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Blackfeather Farm

Picture of property 8140 West 183rd Street
Stilwell (Johnson County)
Listed in National Register 1996-08-22

Architect: Not listed
Category: camp; single dwelling; outdoor recreation

Broadmoor Ranch House Historic District

Picture of property 6900-7017 W 68th Street, 6900 to 7001 West 69th Street, 6900 to 7019 West 69th Terrace
Overland Park (Johnson County)
Listed in National Register 2011-02-07

Architect: Undetermined
Category: single dwelling

The Broadmoor Ranch House Historic District is located just off of Metcalf Avenue between 68th Street and 69th Terrace in Overland Park and includes 27 contributing residences out of a total of 33. It is significant in the areas of community planning and development and architecture, and for its associations with the suburban patterns of development of the City of Overland Park, in particular the development of the community’s early post-World War II Ranch House subdivisions. The 1953-1959 Broadmoor Subdivision is an early post-World War II example of a variation in residential patterns of subdivision development in Overland Park in which existing lots were re-platted and basic restrictions for the lots were filed by the developer. The development of the district within a six-year period created a significant and distinguishable entity that is part of the district's associations with the patterns of development in the community. The district embodies distinctive characteristics of a type, period, and method of construction. Its individual houses reflect a variety of the popular Ranch House style designs erected for the middle-classes at the same time it is an early representative example in Overland Park of the distinctively homogeneous appearance which was common in post-World War II subdivisions. This is the first exclusively post-World War II residential district in Kansas to be nominated to the National Register of Historic Places.

Campbell Dome House

Picture of property 8126 Hamilton Dr.
Overland Park (Johnson County)
Listed in National Register 2022-03-07

Architect: Campbell, Bob D.
Category: domestic; single dwelling

The Campbell Dome House is an 80-foot diameter dome enclosing a courtyard and 2,500 square feet of living space. The dome house is a single-family dwelling situated in a typical suburban neighborhood. The dome is a steel-framed structure designed in the style of a Schwedler dome. The radial supports are braced with rings of cross supports so that the structure forms trapezoids instead of triangles found on the more common geodesic dome. The dome is an example of mid-century modern aesthetics, most notably by blending indoor and outdoor space.

Clement's Store

Picture of property 901 E. Park St.
Olathe (Johnson County)
Listed in State Register 2018-11-17

Architect: Not listed
Category: specialty store; commerce

The Clement’s Market is located at 901 E Park street in Olathe, KS. The cross streets of Park and Mahaffie, where the Market building is located was historically part of Olathe’s East End commercial district. This locally significant building is the last remaining part of the historic East End and is nominated to the state register for its associations with the commerce and trade of that early commercial area. The Clement’s Market as it stands today was built in 1937 but is located on the same location as the Hayes General Store that stood in this location from the early settlement of Olathe until it burned in 1937. After the 1937 fire, the Clement’s family rebuilt the one-story market to continue to serve the local community.

Dutton-Thomas-Soule Farm

Picture of property 7925 Sunflower Road
DeSoto Vicinity (Johnson County)
Listed in State Register 2006-08-26

Architect: Not listed
Category: agricultural outbuilding; single dwelling

Edgerton Grange Hall

Picture of property 400 Nelson
Edgerton (Johnson County)
Listed in State Register 1998-12-12

Architect: Not listed
Category: meeting hall

Ensor Farm

Picture of property 18995 W. 183rd Street
Olathe (Johnson County)
Listed in National Register 2004-02-27

Architect: Not listed
Category: museum

Foster, Herman D. House (Gardner Historical Museum)

Picture of property 204 W Main St
Gardner (Johnson County)
Listed in National Register 2007-11-28

Architect: Cramer and Eyerly Construction Co.
Category: museum; research facility

Built in 1893 for Herman Foster, this gable-front-and-wing house was nominated for its distinctive characteristics of late nineteenth century Folk Victorian architecture. Foster was a local businessman, who formed a business partnership with Arthur Bigelow under the name of Bigelow and Foster in 1881. Their mercantile business was conducted under that name for almost thirty years. Foster served on the Gardner School Board in 1894 and on the Gardner City Council for eight years.

Harkey (Dr. William C.) House

Picture of property 224 E Main
Gardner (Johnson County)
Listed in State Register 1986-05-10

Architect: Not listed
Category: single dwelling

Harmon Park Swale

Picture of property Austin Harmon Park, 7700 Mission Rd
Prairie Village (Johnson County)
Listed in National Register 2018-09-21

Architect: Not Applicable
Category: transportation
Thematic Nomination: Historic Resources of the Santa Fe Trail (Amended 2013)

The Harmon Park Swale is located within a predominately residential portion of Prairie Village. This city park's single swale is situated along the combined route of the Santa Fe, Oregon, and California trails as it headed southwest out of Westport, Missouri (approximately five miles to the northeast) to present-day Gardner, Kansas (approximately 25 miles to the southwest) where the Santa Fe Trail split-off from the Oregon and California trail. The Harmon Park Swale is one of the few intact trail remains in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, as urban and suburban development has greatly encroached upon the trail in this region.

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