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First National Bank Building

Picture of property 200-208 North Main
Kingman (Kingman County)
Listed in State Register 1992-08-22

Architect: Proudfoot & Bird
Category: financial institution

Furry Homestead

Picture of property NE Corner of NE 20th St and NE 10th Ave
Kingman (Kingman County)
Listed in State Register 2020-08-01

Architect: Franklin Furry
Category: domestic

The year was 1878; the wild west was still in full swing as statehoods were being granted. Settlement in southern Kansas was difficult. The Furry Homestead, being built of local red sandstone, is a sight of permanence in a transient place. The Furry Homestead stands today as a result of its hardy construction and materials. Very few homesteads in this era still stand in the surrounding region. Some were constructed of sod or timber or have been altered with new materials. To have a homestead that over 140 years old that is still extant is uncommon in the community. The home has been a staple to the community’s history and is a good example of a historic homestead. The period of significance dates from the construction of the building in c1880s to 1904 when Franklin Furry died. Mary Furry moved to town after Franklin’s passing and later moved to Wichita to live with her daughter. Based on the information collected, it is unclear if there is a more appropriate end-date related to when the Furry family occupied the land – more research will be necessary.

Kingman Carnegie Library

Picture of property 455 North Main
Kingman (Kingman County)
Listed in National Register 1987-06-25

Architect: Fred McCune
Category: library
Thematic Nomination: Carnegie Libraries of Kansas

Kingman City Building

Picture of property Main Street and Avenue C
Kingman (Kingman County)
Listed in National Register 1972-04-13

Architect: Not listed
Category: fire station

Kingman County Courthouse

Picture of property 120 Spruce Street
Kingman (Kingman County)
Listed in National Register 1985-09-11

Architect: George Washburn
Category: courthouse

Kingman National Guard Armory

Picture of property 111 South Main Street
Kingman (Kingman County)
Listed in National Register 2004-07-07

Architect: National Guard
Category: arms storage
Thematic Nomination: National Guard Armories of Kansas

Kingman Santa Fe Depot

Picture of property 201 East Sherman
Kingman (Kingman County)
Listed in National Register 2001-10-11

Architect: Not listed
Category: rail-related
Thematic Nomination: Historic Railroad Resources of Kansas

Kingman US Post Office

Picture of property 425 N. Main Street
Kingman (Kingman County)
Listed in National Register 1989-10-17

Architect: Louis Simon
Category: post office
Thematic Nomination: Kansas Post Offices with Artwork

Prather (Charles M.) Barn

Picture of property NW 30th Street and NW 60th Avenue
Kingman vicinity (Kingman County)
Listed in National Register 2002-10-31

Architect: Not listed
Category: animal facility

Werner, Louis Barn

Picture of property 4550 NE 80th Ave
Pretty Prairie (Kingman County)
Listed in National Register 2020-12-22

Architect: Louis Werner
Category: agricultural outbuilding; agricultural field; storage
Thematic Nomination: Historic Agriculture Related Resources of Kansas

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