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Arvonia School

Picture of property 0000 S. 9th St.
Lebo (Osage County)
Listed in National Register Jul 3, 2012

Architect: Haskell, John
Area of Significance: school
Architectural Style(s): Other
Thematic Nomination: Historic Public Schools of Kansas

The Arvonia School served as the only school for the Welsh community of Arvonia from the time of its construction in 1872 until the school closed due to consolidation in 1949. Arvonia was platted in the late 1860s on land purchased for speculation by John Mather Jones, owner of a Welsh-language newspaper in Utica, New York and his associate James A. Whitaker of Chicago. To entice Welsh colonists to buy land in Kansas, Jones published a pamphlet entitled "Arvonia: That Is, The Welsh Settlement in Osage County." Although the town did not meet the expectations of early spectators, many Welsh families remained for generations. The school was designed by pioneer Kansas architect John G. Haskell, and is one of the earliest-known architect-designed schools in Kansas. However, because the stone building was heavily modified in about 1900 with the removal of the second story, it is not being nominated for its architecture but rather for its local significance in the areas of education and Welsh ethnic heritage.

Arvonia Township Hall

Picture of property West 9th Street
Arvonia (Lebo vicinity) (Osage County)
Listed in National Register Jan 11, 2017

Architect: Beitz, Henry (builder)
Area of Significance: civic; meeting hall
Architectural Style(s): Vernacular

The Arvonia Township Hall, constructed in 1916, is significant for its role in community life in the rural community of Arvonia. For 100 years, the building has housed significant community events, including social and political gatherings of local farmers, war-relief efforts, soil conservation meetings, and celebrations of the community’s Welsh heritage such as St. David’s Day celebrations. Both the Great Depression and World War II changed the Arvonia community and, by extension, the township hall. The last celebration of St. David’s Day occurred in 1940.

Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Pratt Truss Bridge

Picture of property SE Pine St., 0.1 mi. S of int with E Emporia St.
Melvern (Osage County)
Listed in National Register May 9, 2003

Architect: Not listed
Area of Significance: road-related
Architectural Style(s): Bridge
Thematic Nomination: Metal Truss Bridges in Kansas

Bailey, Wells P., House

Picture of property Lyndon City Park, 131 West 11th Street
Lyndon (Osage County)
Listed in State Register Aug 14, 2010

Architect: Bailey, Wells P.
Area of Significance: single dwelling
Architectural Style(s): Other

Built in about 1870, the Wells P. Bailey House is a one-and-a-half-story hewn-log residence that was relocated in 1997 from a farmstead two miles east of Lyndon to the Lyndon City Park. The house is rectangular and measures approximately 18 feet by 27 feet. It features a double-pen plan, which closely resembles the center-hall plan commonly found in mid- and late-nineteenth century vernacular residential architecture in Kansas. By 1896, the house was clad with wood clapboard siding, which was removed prior to the relocation. Bailey was a trained machinist and moved his family to Wabaunsee County, Kansas in 1866, before preempting a 160-acre claim in Osage County, near Lyndon, in 1870. He farmed and worked as a milling machinist. Bailey was related to Judge L.D. Bailey, one of the founders of Lyndon, and who named the town after Lyndon, Vermont. The house was nominated for its architectural significance.

Banner Hereford Farm

Picture of property 19355 South Berryton Road, Scranton vicinity
Scranton (Osage County)
Listed in National Register Jun 12, 1998

Architect: Not listed
Area of Significance: agricultural outbuilding; single dwelling; irrigation facility; storage
Architectural Style(s): Other

Calvinistic Methodist Church

Picture of property 8090 W. 9th St.
Lebo (Osage County)
Listed in National Register Jul 3, 2012

Architect: Evans, Ellis (builder)
Area of Significance: religious facility
Architectural Style(s): Other

Built in 1883, the Calvinistic Methodist Church in Arvonia was a center of religious and social activity in the rural Welsh community until the congregation disbanded in 1968. The Calvinistic Methodist Church was established in Wales in 1741 and has roots in both the Methodist and Presbyterian traditions. The Arvonia congregation that erected the building had originally organized as a Presbyterian congregation in 1871 and would later rejoin the Presbyterian denomination in 1922. The congregation purchased land in 1882 and hired carpenter Ellis (Al) Evans to build the town's first church. This vernacular wood-frame building is symmetrical and features a front-facing gable with a single central entrance. The building is nominated for its local significance in the areas of early settlement, architecture, and Welsh ethnic heritage.

Cow-Killer Archeological Site

Picture of property Address Restricted
Melvern (Osage County)
Listed in National Register Jun 24, 1975

Architect: Not listed
Area of Significance: archaeological site

Havana Stage Station

Picture of property HWY 31, 1 mile E of KS Turnpike
Burlingame (Osage County)
Listed in State Register May 7, 1994

Architect: N/A
Area of Significance: vacant/not in use
Architectural Style(s): Other

Hunt (Samuel) Grave

Picture of property KS31 East of crossing of I-335 (Kansas Tpk.), BurlingameTownship, Burlingame vicinity
Burlingame (Osage County)
Listed in National Register May 11, 1995

Architect: Not listed
Area of Significance: graves/burials
Thematic Nomination: Historic Resources of the Santa Fe Trail (Amended 2013)

Karnes Stone Barn

Picture of property 4204 E 129th Street
Carbondale vicinity (Osage County)
Listed in National Register Jan 21, 2004

Architect: Not listed
Area of Significance: animal facility
Architectural Style(s): Other

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