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Belleville High School

Picture of property 915 18th Street
Belleville (Republic County)
Listed in National Register 2013-06-25

Architect: Voigt, Samuel Siegfried
Category: school
Thematic Nomination: Historic Public Schools of Kansas

The residents of Belleville voted in favor of $115,000 in local bonds to finance the construction of a new high school in 1931. Wichita architect Samuel S. Voigt designed the Collegiate Gothic-style building, and Hoisington contractor Alex Helwig oversaw its construction. The school served as the public high school for 31 years and then as a junior high and later middle school for another 51 years. The building embodies the traditional characteristics of the Collegiate Gothic style with its red brick exterior and stone detailing, multiple gable roofs, and pointed arches. At the time of its opening, the school's design reflected the latest trends in school planning with separate auditorium and gymnasium spaces and specialized classrooms for the manual training and domestic science departments. It was nominated as part of the "Historic Public Schools of Kansas" multiple property nomination for its local significance in the areas of education and architecture.

Belleville US Post Office

Picture of property 1119 Eighteenth Street
Belleville (Republic County)
Listed in National Register 1989-10-17

Architect: Not listed
Category: post office
Thematic Nomination: Kansas Post Offices with Artwork

Cossaart Barn

Picture of property 3040 Birch Road
Narka (Republic County)
Listed in National Register 2009-12-30

Architect: Cossaart, Reuben C. (builder)
Category: agricultural outbuilding; animal facility; extractive facility
Thematic Nomination: Historic Agriculture Related Resources of Kansas

Built in about 1916, the Cossaart Barn is located 1.2 miles west of Mahaska on a uniquely designated parcel of land - Section 1, Range 1, Township 1 - in Albion Township of Republic County. Albion Township is in the extreme northeast corner of the county and includes only a few hundred residents. The Cossart farm is situated on the north side of a gravel road in a shallow valley. The rural surroundings feature rolling hills of grassland used for ranching and farming. The farmstead includes buildings and structures of various periods, but the barn and adjacent windmill are the oldest and best-intact features. The barn features the distinguishing characteristic of a Midwest Prairie Barn: a large sweeping gable roof that gives it a strong horizontal emphasis. It also includes a hay hood with an outward swinging door on the north elevation. Its interior is made up of a large, open central section that is flanked by stall bays. The interior is somewhat unusual in that the central section used for hay storage extends from ground level to the roof with no haymow. The 1937 Fairbury windmill originally pumped water to the house and to a tank adjacent to the barn for many years. By the mid-twentieth century the windmill was outfitted with an electric motor and pumpjack. It was restored to original working condition in 1993. This property has been in the Cossaart family for five generations, and continues to function as a working farmstead. The barn was nominated as part of the "Historic Agriculture-Related Resources of Kansas" multiple property listing for its association with local agricultural history and its architecture.

Cuba Blacksmith Shop

Picture of property 1/2 Block West of Baird Street on Lynn Street
Cuba (Republic County)
Listed in National Register 2009-10-08

Architect: Davidson, John M. (Mitchell)
Category: specialty store

Built in 1884, the Cuba Blacksmith Shop is a small, one-story limestone building that sits a half block west of the downtown. Blacksmith shops like the one in Cuba provided important services to developing farming communities that included constructing, repairing, and maintaining general farm machinery, as well as making special tools and machines for farmers and residents. Blacksmiths also provided such valuable services as shoeing horses and repairing household utensils, sharpening knives, fixing pots and pans, and sewing machines. This building functioned as a blacksmith shop into the 1970s and then fell into disrepair in the late 20th century. In recent years, the roof and rear wall had collapsed and the stone walls were beginning to fail. A group of community volunteers came together in 2006 to save the building. In December 2008, the building reopened as a functioning blacksmith shop. Today, the building is owned by the City of Cuba and is planned to be open for demonstrations about four times a year.

East Riley Creek Bridge

Picture of property 2 miles south of Belleville
Belleville (Republic County)
Listed in National Register 1990-01-04

Architect: Not listed
Category: road-related
Thematic Nomination: Metal Truss Bridges in Kansas

Pawnee Indian Village

Picture of property 8 miles north of US36 on K266, Republic vicinity
Republic (Republic County)
Listed in National Register 1971-05-14

Architect: Not listed
Category: village site

Republic County Courthouse

Picture of property 1815 M Street
Belleville (Republic County)
Listed in National Register 2002-04-26

Architect: Mann & Company
Category: courthouse
Thematic Nomination: Historic County Courthouses of Kansas

Riley Creek Bridge

Picture of property Over Riley Creek south of Belleville
Belleville (Republic County)
Listed in National Register 1990-01-04

Architect: Not listed
Category: road-related
Thematic Nomination: Metal Truss Bridges in Kansas

Shimanek Barn

Picture of property Address Restricted
Munden (Republic County)
Listed in National Register 2009-04-08

Architect: Shimanek, Wesley
Category: agricultural outbuilding
Thematic Nomination: Historic Agriculture Related Resources of Kansas

Farmer Wesley Shimanek built this barn around 1900 to house horses, hay, and a wagon near Munden in Republic County. The wood-frame barn features a two-story gable section with a 1½- story shed bay on the west that appears to be original. The plan configuration is oriented to the broad side of the barn with a center aisle and horse stalls on each side. The barn does not feature the more common gable-end haymow, but rather a broad-side haymow. The barn is nominated to the National Register for its architectural and agricultural history.

Stevenson, S. T., House

Picture of property 2012 N Street
Belleville (Republic County)
Listed in National Register 2010-07-08

Architect: George F. Barber and Company
Category: single dwelling

Belleville resident and dry goods merchant S. T. Stevenson purchased architectural plans from Knoxville-based architect George F. Barber and erected an impressive Queen Anne-style residence south of the courthouse square in 1894. The house was then featured in Barber's 1901 catalog of residential designs entitled Modern Dwellings. Stevenson's two-and-a-half-story residence features a prominent corner tower and a hipped roof with lower cross gables. It displays Eastlake-influenced spindlework along the front porch and within the wall overhangs left by cutaway bay windows. The house was nominated for its architecture.

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