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National and State Registers of Historic Places

Lowe Center School, District #115

Picture of property SW Corner, Indian Road & 27th Road
Morrowville (Washington County)
Listed in National Register Apr 7, 2014

Architect: Unknown
Category: education related
Thematic Nomination: Historic Public Schools of Kansas

The Lowe Center School was built in 1884 in response to a growing rural population in Washington County in the early 1880s. School attendance records note between 20 and 35 students enrolled at the school into the early 20th century. The one-acre property is located north of Morrowville in Lowe Township and served rural residents of this area until it closed in 1963. The building is typical of one-room country schoolhouses built in the late 19th century. The wood-frame building rests on a limestone foundation, has clapboard siding, and features a gable roof with a bell tower. There are two outhouses behind the school. It was nominated as part of the "Historic Public Schools of Kansas" multiple property nomination for its local significance in the areas of education and architecture.

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