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Site information access for professional researchers

Please note that the application form (PDF) for GIS access has been revised as of 01/18/2024.

Using Transportation Enhancement funds provided through the Kansas Department of Transportation, the Kansas Historical Society sponsored the development of a GIS coverage that shows the location of over 15,000 recorded archeological sites in the state. The coverage is available to qualified individuals via the web and is hosted by DASC (the Data Access and Support Center, kansasgis.org). Users can view archeological site and survey coverages overlaying USGS 1:24,000 topographic and aerial photograph coverages (from 2014 and 2017). They also can access specific site records and, in some cases, can download survey and excavation reports, which are added to the database as resources permit.

Users must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualifications Standards for Archeology (36 CFR 61, Appendix A), must show sufficient qualifications as a land or resource manager, or for students, must be have a faculty sponsor. The KSHS Archeology Office reserves the right to deny access to unqualified individuals, as access to archeological records is exempt under the Kansas Open Records Act [K.S.A. 45-215 through 45-223, see specifically KSA 45-22(a)(36)].


To offset maintenance costs, we are allowing qualified users to access the archeological coverage online for a fee. Two levels of access are available:

  • $60 for 1 week
  • $700 annually

Upon approval of an application, users will receive payment instructions, credit card payments are preferred.

Fees are waived at the discretion of the State Archeologist for academic researchers, government agencies, THPOs, or student researchers with the involvement of a faculty sponsor. In these cases, an application must still be completed to gain access. The duration of the access in these cases shall be one calendar year, at which time we will contact you on whether you want to extend your access for another year.

Site searches by qualified individuals can still be conducted in-person at the Kansas Historical Society free of charge. Please contact Melinda Dome, Administrative Officer, melinda.dome@ks.gov. to set up an appointment.

How to Apply

  • If you have not done so already, you will need to register in order to access the GIS coverage and online site inventory: https://maps.kgs.ku.edu/kshs/
  • Then an application (PDF) for online access to the archeological site and survey GIS coverage must be completed in its entirety. The completed application can be emailed to Melinda Dome, Administrative Officer, melinda.dome@ks.gov. Once the application is approved, we will contact you.
  • When your application is accepted, we will set your access and contact you via email with the duration of your access. Once we’ve done this:
  • Go to: https://maps.kgs.ku.edu/kshs/. From this address you will access our database to enter site forms and to keep records of your recorded sites. This is also the access portal to the GIS coverage, which can be found under ‘Map Viewer’.
  • Enter your login information to enter the system.
  • Selecting ‘View map’ for any site record will bring up the GIS coverage, showing the location of the site. Select or deselect layers on the right to make them visible or invisible. If you are having difficulty accessing the files, please contact melinda.dome@ks.gov.

Survey and excavation reports online

Survey and excavation reports are regularly being scanned and attached to the associated site and survey references so that they can be downloaded. If you need a survey report and cannot access it through the online resources, please contact melinda.dome@ks.govIf time and resources permit, we will scan it and attach it to the online site record and/or send it via email.

For those survey and excavation reports that are attached to the site forms under 'Bibliography', these can be accessed by viewing the site form or through the ‘Bibliography List’ heading.

In the ‘Search for:’ blank, type in the survey number and then in the drop down next to ‘in:’ click record number and hit GO. When the report comes up hit ‘View’ and click on the attached PDF at the bottom of the entry.

Data Requests

Qualified researchers can request county shapefiles as part of the paid weekly or annual access. These requests must be made to Melinda Dome, Administrative Officer, melinda.dome@ks.gov. The files will be sent via FTP download.

Record an archeological site - Access the online or the paper site form.

  • We encourage the use of UTM coordinates, but please also include section, township and range information
  • Please include an image of a USGS 1:24,000 topographic map showing the site location
  • When uploading documents (Doc, PDF) and/or photographs (JPG) while entering a site form, please leave spaces and special characters out of the name of the file. Example:

AbbottSite2      rather than      Abbott Site #2.

  • If revising an existing site form, please select Revise under Actions in a site form record, do not create a new site form.