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Archeology resources for kids

Fun activities that help you to explore life and times of people of the past!

Have you ever wanted to go on a real archeological dig?  Check out the Kansas Archeology Training Program (KATP) Field School This is a unique opportunity for students 12 years of age and over to join members of the public to work alongside professional and avocational archeologists.

Interactive Online Activities

If you can't participate in this summer's KATP field school maybe you would like to check out some of these virtual digs.

Ancient Egypt

This web site for kids from the British Museum covers all aspects of Ancient Egypt. Each section contains a story and an interactive activity. Kids can decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs, see how a body is mummified, or calculate the size of the Great Pyramid.

Archaeology for Kids Online

A list of links to sites with online archaeology games.

Kid’s History: Anthropologists 

Here you’ll find information about anthropologists and prehistoric humans.

NPS Archeology Program: Archeology for Kids

Learn more about how and why archeologists learn about the past.

Other Resources

Archaeology Magazine

This is an official publication of the Archaeological Institute of America. It offers news, interactive digs, and articles that are not published in the magazine. It is recommended for high school age and up. Pages include an archeological atlas, ancient civilizations, artifacts, current digs, and prehistory.

Archaeology Merit Badge – Scouts

Are you working on an Archaeology merit badge? Check with your scout leader about completing the requirements for the badge.

Requirements (PDF)

Merit Badge Series Pamphlet

Become a Junior Archeologist

NPS Junior Archeologist Activity book and Parent's Guide (PDF)

Southeast Archeological Center's Junior Archeologist Program Activity Book (PDF)

Puzzles from the Past: Problem Solving Through Archeology

This traveling resource trunk from the Kansas Historical Society combines an exploration of Native American cultures with an introduction to basic archeological concepts. The six lessons in this trunk explore the lifestyles of some Plains Indian people using the critical thinking skills archeologists utilize. The trunk is available to anyone in Kansas and is a great teaching tool for kids whether it is used in a classroom, a scout meeting, or at home.