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Brown v. Board of Education - Oral History - Part 3

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The transcripts are arranged alphabetically by the last name of the interviewee. The audiotapes are arranged alphabetically with each interview group. The tape number is listed by the name of the interviewee on the List of Interviewees and Access Restrictions section.


Microfilm Collections

  • Afro-American Club Women’s Project. MS 1192-1194.
  • Black Phone Directory of Topeka.
    • 1928: LM 939, No. 3.
    • 1934: LM 428, No. 4.
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Kansas Branch Office Files, 1913-1965. MS 1386-1396.
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Papers of the NAACP: Part 3. The Campaign of Educational Equality: Legal Department and Central Office Records, 1913-1950.
    • Series A: Legal Department and Central Office Records, 1913-1940. MS 4649 – MS 4672.
    • Series B: Legal Department and Central Office Records, 1940-1950. MS 4678 – MS 4696.
    • Series C: Legal Department and Central Office Records, 1951-1955. MS 4697 – MS 4719.
    • Series D: Central Office Records, 1956-1965. MS 4720 – MS 4732.
  • Kansas Appellate Court Case Files (see Appendix D for reel numbers)
  • U.S. District Court of Kansas, Civil Case Number T-316: Oliver Brown et al., v. Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas. AR 1939.

Library Collections

  • Census of Tennessee Town, Topeka, Kansas, 1898. *K929.3/T62/T256cen.

Web Resources


Original transcripts and audiotapes stored separately from reference copies.


See Appendix D for indexes to each interview.


  • Kansas Appellate Court Case No. 4,844: Buford Crawford, et al. v. Fort Scott Board of Education. Locater: 51-02-04-18
  • Kansas Reports. Call number: SP 345.42/K13

(See appendix for access headings to each interview.)

Personal names:

  • Belton, Ethel Louise.**
  • Bolling, Spottswood T. (Spottswood Thomas)**
  • Briggs, Harry, d. 1986.**
  • Brown, Oliver, 1918-1961.*
  • Brown, Oliver, 1918-1961–Trials, litigation, etc.
  • Crowder, Ralph L., interviewer.*
  • Davis, Dorothy E.**
  • Elliot, R. W.**
  • Gebhart, Francis B.**
  • Henderson, Cheryl Brown.*
  • Sharpe, C. Melvin.**
  • Vandelinder, Jean, 1956- , interviewer.*

Corporate names:

  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.**
  • Prince Edward County (Va.). County School Board.**
  • Topeka (Kan.). Board of Education.*
  • Topeka (Kan.). Board of Education–Trials, litigation, etc.
  • United States. Supreme Court.**
  • United States. Supreme Court–Education law.

Geographic names:

  • Claymont (Del.)
  • Prince Edward County (Va.)
  • Summerton (S.C.)
  • Topeka (Kan.)
  • United States–Race relations.
  • Washington (D.C.)

General Subjects:

  • African Americans
  • African Americans–Civil rights
  • African Americans–Education
  • Discrimination in education–United States
  • Race discrimination–Law and legislation–United States
  • School integration–Law and legislation–United States
  • Schools–Kansas–Topeka
  • Segregation in education–Law and legislation–United States

*co-author; **co-author and subject; all others are subjects