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Clarice A. Snoddy Papers

Collection 123



The papers of Clarice A. Snoddy were donated to the Kansas State Historical Society by Mr. And Mrs. Van Snoddy, Burlingame, Kansas on July 21, 1978. The collection consists of three document boxes containing, primarily, correspondence. There are no access restrictions on these papers.


On January 25, 1878, Clarice A. Snoddy was born at Burlingame, Kansas. Her parents were L. O. and Mary Sears Snoddy. She had two brothers and two sisters: Harold Llewellyn, Wayne Sears, Mabel (Mrs. Ed Murtaugh), and Winnefred (Mrs. Alfred Van Petten). She graduated from Burlingame High School in 1896 and taught school in Osage County for approximately five years. She attended Baker University and graduated from Washburn College in 1930.

Clarice Snoddy was a teacher, devoting over fifty years to that profession. In addition to teaching in several small schools throughout the state, she taught in Indian schools in South Dakota; Idaho; Carlisle, Pennsylvania; and Lawrence, Kansas. In 1921, she accepted a job with the Topeka Public School system and, for 22 years, taught in various schools throughout the city. She was active in several social organizations and the Burlingame Federated Church.

Scope and Content

The papers of Clarice (Clara) A. Snoddy are primarily correspondence files contained in three document boxes. There is a significant amount of correspondence concerning a farm in Smith County, Kansas, that Miss Snoddy owned. The correspondence with her tenent discusses their agricultural activities. Miss Snoddy invested some of her money in the Pioneer Mortgage Company (owned by her brother-in-law) and the correspondence reflects these activities. There is a large amount of correspondence from her brother Wayne and his first and second wife that discuss family affairs and daily activities. Correspondence not included in the categories described above is filed under general correspondence and relates to other family members, teaching activities, etc.

On occasion, Miss Snoddy presented papers on her experiences in teaching in government Indian schools and several of these are included in the collection. The collection also includes postcards containing correspondence and miscellaneous materials such as school programs, club booklets, etc.

Contents List

Box 1 General Correspondence
  Correspondence concerning farm in
  Smith County
  Correspondence from Pioneer Mortgage
  Correspondence from Clara Snoddy
Box 2 Correspondence from Wayne Snoddy
1911-1973 & undated
undated & fragments
  Financial Records
Box 3 Papers by Miss Snoddy on Indians
1903-1973 & undated
  Programs, Club Booklets, etc.
  Miscellaneous material

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Teaching Career of Clara Snoddy

  1896-1898 2 years El. Kansas District 110
  1898-1900 2 years El. Kansas District 35 (perhaps 25)
  1900-1901 1 year El. Kansas Oakley
ca. 1907-1911 Yankton, South Dakota Indian Service
ca. 1911-1915 Ft. Hall Boarding School, Pocatello, Idaho
ca. 1915-1918 Carlisle, Pennsylvania
  1918-1921 Haskell Institute, Lawrence, Kansas
  1921-1941 Topeka Public Schools
  1942-1943 1 year Harveyville High School
  1943-1944 1 year Enterprise High School
  1944-1945 1 year Melvern High School
  1945-1946 1 year Dwight High School
  1946-1947 1 year Attica High School
  1947-1948 1 year Kismet High School
  1948-1949 1 year Yates Center High School
  1952-1953 1 year Russell Springs - Elementary