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Indian Missions and Missionaries: a bibliography

Photograph of Potawatomie Indians at the St. Mary's Mission, Pottawatomie County, 1867.Information available on missionaries and associated missions in Kansas.


Jotham Meeker (1804-1855)

Grant, Joseph P. "Jotham Meeker: Orthograher, Pioneer Printer, and Missionary." Doc. diss., Baptist Theological Seminary, K.C., 1952.

"High Waters in Kansas." Kansas Historical Collections 8 (1903-1904): 472-481. Excerpts from Jotham Meeker's diary and letters, May-December, 1844.

Portrait of Jotham Meeker, a Baptist missionaryKing, Charles R. "Physician to Body and Soul: Jotham Meeker--Kansas Missionary." Kansas History 17 (Winter 1994-1995): 262-273. King finds that despite a lack of professional training Meeker was a successful medical practitioner, in the context of his times.

McMurtrie, Douglas C. "Pioneer Printing of Kansas." Kansas Historical Quarterly 1 (November 1931): 3-16. Beginning with Jotham Meeker, printer-missionary among Shawnees, Stockbridges, and Ottawas in 1830s and 1840s.

__________, and Albert H. Allen. Jotham Meeker: Pioneer Printer of Kansas. New York: Eyncourt Press, 1930.

Jotham Meeker Papers, 1825-1864 manuscript collection finding aid.





Isaac McCoy (1784-1846)

A portrait of missionary Reverend Isaac McCoy at age 47, 1831Barnes, Lela. "Isaac McCoy and the Treaty of 1821." Kansas Historical Quarterly 5 (May 1936): 122-141. Missionary's efforts for removal as way to save vanishing eastern tribes.

__________. "Journal of Isaac McCoy for the Exploring Expedition of 1828." Kansas Historical Quarterly 5 (August 1936): 227-277. Baptist missionary accompanied Potawatomi and Ottawa tribal representatives on expedition to facilitate removal; also commissioned to survey lands in eastern Kansas for Delaware reservation, July-November 1830 (see: 5:339-377).

Drury, Robert M. "The Life of Isaac McCoy: Minister, Missionary, Explorer, Surveyor, Lobbyist, Administrator and `Apostle to the Indians'." The Trail Guide 10 (June 1965): 1-16.

McDermott, John Francis, editor. "Isaac McCoy's Second Exploring Trip in 1828." Kansas Historical Quarterly (August 1945): 400-462. With delegations from Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Creek nations in area between Neosho River and Fort Gibson, October-December.

Miles, William. "`Enamoured With Colonization': Isaac McCoy's Plan of Indian Reform." Kansas Historical Quarterly 38 (Autumn 1972): 268-286. Suggests relationship between this antebellum movement and efforts of American Colonization Society.

"Rev. Isaac McCoy." Kansas Historical Collections 2 (1875-1880): 271-275. Missionary's work in Kansas from manuscripts in Society's collections.

Schultz, George A. An Indian Canaan, Isaac McCoy and the Vision of an Indian State. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1972. Wyeth, Walter N. Isaac McCoy: Early Indian Missions. Philadelphia: Wyeth, 1895.

Yeager, Randolph Orville. "Indian Enterprise of Isaac McCoy, 1817-1846." Doc. diss., University of Oklahoma, 1954.

Isaac McCoy, Papers, 1808-1874, manuscript collection, finding aid available upon request. In addition, microfilm copies of National Archives records of the various Indian agencies are available at the Center for Historical Research.



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View of the Pottawatomie Baptist Mission in Shawnee county, between 1880 and 1900Barr, Thomas P. "The Pottawatomie Baptist Manual Labor Training School." Kansas Historical Quarterly 43 (Winter 1977): 377-431. History of this missionary effort near Topeka, 1840s-1860s.

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Image of and link to Washashe (Osage) Indian language grammer created by Johnston Lykins and printed at the Shawnee Baptist Mission, 1837__________, and Karl S. Pond. "The Replacement of the Indian Languages of Kansas by English." Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 58 (1955): 131-150.

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"Early Military Posts, Missions and Camps." Kansas Historical Collections 2 (1875-1880): 263-270. Reprint of New York Tribune article of June 28, 1854, followed by additional information on Osage, Iowa, Sac, and Fox missions.

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Graves, W. W. Life and Letters of Fathers Ponsiglione, Schoenmakers, and Other Early Jesuits at Osage Mission. Saint Paul, Kans.: W. W. Graves, 1916. Schoenmakers (1807-1883) served the Osage Mission for many years.

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"Letters Concerning the Presbyterian Mission in the Pawnee Country, Near Bellvue, Neb., 1831-1849." Kansas Historical Collections 14 (1915-1918): 570-784. Most by missionaries John Dunbar, Samuel Allis, George B. Gaston, and Timothy E. Ranney.

"Letters from the Indian Missions in Kansas." Kansas Historical Collections 16 (1923-1925): 227-271. Correspondence from Methodist missionaries William and Thomas Johnson, Jerome C. Berryman, and others (1831-1845).

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Lutz, J. J. "The Methodist Missions Among the Indian Tribes in Kansas." Kansas Historical Collection 9 (1905-1906): 160-235. A wealth of information, much of it hidden in footnotes, on various tribes, treaties, missions, and missionaries, including Thomas Johnson, Rev. Jesse and Mary Greene, and Rev. John Thompson Peery; also contains yearly "List of Appointments" to missions, 1830-1855.

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Warren, Stephen A. "Shawnee Political Culture in the Reservation Era." Master's thesis, Arizona State University, 1994. Looks at the relocation of the Shawnees from the 1830s to 1854 to a reservation in what would become Kansas.   Not held by KSHS.

Young, E. Harold, editor. "Some Contemporary References to St. Mary's Mission." Mid-America: An Historical Review 6 (April 1935): 84-103. Excerpts from Kansas newspapers (1854-1862) referring to this Potawatomi Indian mission.