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Kansas Historical Society headquarters

Kansas Historical Society

A state agency, the Historical Society will post job openings here in addition to State of Kansas. The Historical Society employs people in a variety of areas including librarians, archivists, historic preservation specialists, archeologists, museum curators, registrars, exhibits designers, educators, graphic designers, historical editors, historic sites managers, and maintenance and clerical positions.

Applications must be made through the State of Kansas Civil Service Job Listings.In addition to the Historical Society, this site also includes other state agencies.

Current openings:

K0073281 Procurement Officer I State of Kansas | Position Description

The responsibilities for this position include handling agency procurement, receiving purchase orders for services, supplies, and following state purchasing guidelines; handling contract management; coordinating third party events onsite; supervising operation of agency stockroom/mailroom; handling inventory/asset management; maintaining and tracking agency fleet vehicles. Closes May 13, 2022.

K0229960  Administrative Officer: State of Kansas | Position Description

This position gathers maps and records to determine the potential of archeological sites in the proximity of proposed ground disturbing work, primarily highways and creates maps showing planned projects and nearby archeological resources. They enter site and survey locations in online and paper formats and maintain those files. They also manage an online database of historic structures throughout the state, which may include uploading historical information, photographs, UTM or Lat/Lon coordinates, site plans, and maps. Practical knowledge of geographic information systems is necessary. Closes May 13, 2022.

K0079224 Custodial Specialist: State of Kansas | Position Description

This position provides maintenance for the Kansas Historical Society, which includes the Kansas Museum of History, State Archives, Stach Schoolhouse, and warehouse. Requires knowledge of building materials, cleaning procedures, cleaning products, operation, and maintenance of specialized or industrial equipment.

K0063980 Public Service Executive II, Division Director: State of Kansas | Position Description

This position develops strategies to engage new audiences through education and museum programs, administers the division's programs, serves as liaison to the Kansas State Department of Education, ensures agency education programs meet current curricular standards, oversees programs and activities at the Kansas Museum of History and the Kansas State Capitol Visitor Center, oversees museum collections, serves as project manager for specific initiatives, serves as a public face for education and museum programs, .

K0050583 Public Service Executive II: State of Kansas | Position Description

This position heads the archives division and reports to the executive director of the agency. As a member of the management team, the position works to develop along with the executive director an agency five-year plan. It is employee’s responsibility to communicate planning goals to his/her staff and ensure the division is working toward agency priorities as well as division objectives.The individual is responsible for developing, proposing, and administering division policies; listening to the views of his/her staff in regards to new ideas and is charged with presenting new initiatives to the executive director.

Kansas Historical Foundation

The Historical Foundation employs people in fundraising, retail sales, membership development, and clerical positions. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that supports the programs of the Historical Society. Job openings will be posted here when available and include information about application procedures.

Administrative Assistant | Position Description

This employee provides administrative support in diverse office situations and involves identifying solutions and alternatives within established policies and procedures some requiring analytical thought. The work requires the operation of personal computers, specialized data entry software, communication systems, and other office equipment; requires contacts and effective communication with the public, board of directors, and state agency and other Foundation staff members. Review of applications to begin May 2, 2022. Position open until filled.

Freedom's Frontier National Heritage Area

The heritage area is managed by a nonprofit organization that works to build awareness of the historic struggles for freedom in western Missouri and eastern Kansas. It works with partners in a 41 county region to interpret and preserve history and promote heritage tourism and economic development.

Executive Director | Position Description

Freedom’s Frontier is seeking an executive director responsible for the overall management of Freedom’s Frontier National Heritage Area. The executive director will be responsible for promoting awareness of and advocating for Freedom’s Frontier throughout the region. The executive director is primarily responsible for developing the resources necessary for the financial sustainability of the heritage area. The Executive Director directs the policy, development, programming, financial management, fundraising, marketing, operations, and government and community relations for the organization.