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John E. McCullough Papers

Ms. Collection No. 133



John E. McCullough was born in Belleville, Kansas on March 17, 1908. He graduated from Washburn University Law School in 1935 and in 1941 moved to St. Louis, Missouri in the employ of the Law Department, St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company. Upon his retirement in 1974, McCullough was a vice-president and general counsel for the Frisco Railroad. He died in St. Louis on June 10, 1977. McCullough was a member of the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, as well as the states of Kansas and Missouri.

Scope and Content

The John E. McCullough Papers deal with a brief period (ca. 1946-1947) when 1st Lt. John E. McCullough was appointed a defense counsel by the executive officer of the War Crimes Trials, Manila (Philippines). The bulk of the materials deal with the appeals and petitions of two convicted Japanese war criminals: Mariano Uyeki and Theodoro Cantos (Tatishi).

The correspondence and proceedings of these two cases (Uyeki v. Styer and Cantos (Tatishi) v. Styer) in addition to correspondence with other defense counsels concern the proceedings surrounding their appeal to the October 1946 term of the United States Supreme Court.

McCullough’s papers also include: miscellaneous proceedings from the International Military Tribunal for the Far East; papers from several domestic law cases in which McCullough was involved; and, several pamphlets are also included among the papers.

Contents List

John E. McCullough Correspondence, May, 1946 - February, 1947

“ “ Mariaono Uyeki vs. Styer
“ “ Theodoro Tatishi vs. U.S.A.
“ “ Theodoro Tatishi (Cantos) vs. Styer
“ “ International Military Tribunal for the Far East (Misc.)
“ “ Miscellaneous Papers