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Kansas Historical Notes - November 1935

(Vol. 4, No. 4), pages 413 to 415
Transcribed by lhn; additional HTML by Susan Stafford;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

Historic Spots or Mile-Stones in the Progress of Wyandotte County, Kansas, is the title of a 360-page, adequately indexed, book published recently by the Mission Press of Merriam. Grant W. Harrington, the author, writes that "No effort has been made to write a continuous history of Wyandotte county. The purpose has been to pick the spots where events of historic importance have taken place and to write the stories that cluster around these spots." The forty-two chapters presenting these sites have been published in a chronological arrangement. Mr. Harrington, who lives at Kansas City, is author of Annals of Brown County, Kansas, which he published in 1903.

Pioneer reminiscences were featured in an attractive yellow paperbound book of 190 pages entitled The Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Thomas County and Its Neighbors published by the Rexford News in August, 1935. The book was compiled and arranged by George H. Kinkel and Charles A. Jones of Colby.

Marysville observed the seventy-fifth anniversary of the running of the Pony Express with a three-day celebration held August 17, 18 and 19, 1935. On August 19 the rerun of the express by the Boy Scouts through the city on its way from Sacramento, Cal., to St. Joseph, Mo., was witnessed. Both the Marysville Marshall County News and The Advocate-Democrat published historical articles in issues contemporaneous with the celebration. The Oregon Trail Memorial Association supplied the Marysville committee with 1,000 Pony Express diamond jubilee memorial medals. The medals, which were designed by Win. H. Jackson, secretary of the association, are made of nickel and retail at twenty-five cents each. Profit from the sale of these discs will go into the marker fund. Persons wishing to purchase them are asked to write John G. Ellenbecker, of Marysville.

A sixteen-page pamphlet by Nora Scull reviewing the history of the Hiawatha First Baptist Church was issued for the seventy-fifth anniversary celebration held on August 18, 1935.

C. W. Hawkins of Clements was reelected president of the Chase County Historical Society at its annual meeting on September 7,


1935. Other officers are: C. A. Sayre, first vice-president; George Starkey, second vice-president; Henry Rogler, secretary, and S. H. Baker, treasurer.

The Kansas Daughters of the American Revolution held dedicatory services September 18, 1935, for their rooms at the Shawnee Methodist mission which they have fitted up in keeping with the furnishings of pioneer days.

Recently elected officers of the Riley County Historical Society are: C. M. Correll, president, reelected; Grace Givin, vice-president; Mrs. G. H. Failyer, secretary, reelected; Mrs. Medora Flick, treasurer; G. H. Failyer, custodian at the society's cabin in the Manhattan city park, and Mrs. Caroline Smith, assistant custodian. The board of directors is comprised of W. D. Haines, Mrs. C. B. Daughters, Mrs. F. L. Murdock, Ada Billings, C. W. Emmons, Mrs. Flick, Mrs. Smith, Miss Givin and Mr. Correll.

The Hodgeman County Historical Society held its regular election of officers September 20, 1935. Officers reelected are: L. W. Hubbell, president; Mrs. James E. Mooney, vice-president; E. W. Harlan, secretary; Ora L. Teed, treasurer, and Mrs. L. H. Raser, historian. The board of directors includes: Mrs. 0. W. Lynam, L. H. Raser and Mrs. James E. Mooney.

Judge W. P. Campbell and David D. Leahy of Wichita were featured speakers at a meeting of the Harvey County Historical Society held in Newton October 1, 1935. C. F. Wilmore was elected president of the organization at the business session. Other officers, who were reelected, included: Mrs. H. W. Prouty, vicepresident; Mrs. Ira Burgener, secretary, and John C. Nicholson, historian.

Seventy-six veterans of the Twentieth Kansas regiment met in Topeka for their annual reunion October 7, 1935. Officers elected at the meeting are: Fred A. Recob, president; George Helwig, vicepresident, and Harry Brent, secretary.

At a meeting of the Shawnee-Mission Indian Historical Society October 28, 1935, the following officers were elected: Mrs. R. R. Sandmeyer, president; Mrs. John W. Sanders, vice-president; Mrs. Carl Harder, secretary; Mrs. Fred Carter, treasurer; Mrs. Frank A. Hardesty, historian, and Mrs. Walter E. Gresham, the retiring president, custodian. E. A. Austin, T. M. Lillard and Kirke Mechem represented the Kansas Historical Society at a meeting held by the local society at the mission September 23.


A 300-page, beautifully illustrated book, The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America, by Mrs. Carrie A. Hall, of Leavenworth, and Mrs. Rose G. Kretsinger, of Emporia, two well-known Kansans, has recently been published by the Caxton Printers, Ltd., of Caldwell, Idaho. Mrs. Hall has been a leading dress designer of the Middle West for over forty years. One of her hobbies has been the collection of books and museum objects relating to Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. This material, to which she is making constant additions, is assembled in the Kansas Historical Society's "Lincoln room," a division of its library.

Pioneer meetings or old-settler reunions are sponsored annually by many Kansas cities and towns. Most newspapers in these localities, in conjunction with the gatherings, have brought out historical facts of sufficient importance for the date to be catalogued in these notes. In several instances special historical editions have been issued and the contents were described in more detail in "Kansas History as Published in the Press." A list of communities holding meetings, and the dates, are as follows: Richfield, February 22, 1935 ; Wichita, June 1; Kinsley, June 6-8 ; Ness City, June 11, 12; Barclay, Protection, July 4; Rolla, July 17; Garden Plain (held at Wichita), July 21; Cottonwood Falls, July 24; Downs, July 2427; Quenemo, July 25, 26; Green, July 25-27; Clifton, July 30, 31, and August 1; Nickerson, August 1, 2; Macksville, August 7; Halstead, August 7, 8; Ford, Lakin, Syracuse, August 15; Everest, Mantey, August 17; Columbus, August 1924; Belvidere, August 20; Hanover "Days of '49," August 20-22; Finney county, August 21, 22; Morrill, Oskaloosa, August 23, 24; Elm Mills, August 25; Brookwood, Mulvane, White Rock, August 29; Holton, August 29, 30; Topeka, August 30 and September 9 ; Drury, Severy, September 2 ; Atwood, Concordia, September 5; Larned, September 5, 6; Olathe, September 7; Humboldt, September 9-14; Oakley, September 12; Sharon, Wilson, September 12-14; Marion, St. John, September 14; Weir, September 14, 15; Howard, September 20; Herington, September, 24; Cherryvale, Smith Center, September 25; Pratt, September 27; Sedan, October 3-5; Norway, October 6; Rush Center, October 7; Baldwin, Stockton, October 8; Bennington, October 12, and Kirwin, October 24.