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Kansas Historical Quarterly - Errata - Volume 2

1933 (Vol. 2), page 402

Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

Page 18, line 19, read "In 1888."
Page 22, line 19,      Cantonment Leavenworth was established in 1827.
Page 30, line 24, read "Col. E. W. Wyncoop."
Page 52, fifth line from bottom of the page, read "Charles Coulter."
Page 107, paragraph 2: Mr. Whitelaw Saunders of Lawrence, who viewed the hotel registers through the courtesy of Mr. Ames, reports that none of the signatures noted in this paragraph were authentic.
Page 110, line 2, read "March, 1933."
Page 182, lines 1 and 2, read "Richard Read."
Page 219, line numbered 123, read "April 17, 1932."
Page 252, line 22: The Wyandotte National Ferry was in operation as early as November, 1843.-See testimony of Charles B. Garrett before Judge Samuel D. Lecompte of the First U. S. District Court, Lecompton, in 1857, MS. in Archives division, Kansas Historical Society.