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Kansas Historical Notes - May 1940

May, 1940 (Vol. 9, No. 2), pages 223 to 224.> Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas State Historical Society.

Will H. Cady, editor of the Augusta Journal for fifty years, was guest of honor at an anniversary dinner and reunion of his friends and subscribers at the Augusta Methodist Church on December 3, 1939. The speaker of the evening, Victor Murdock of the Wichita Eagle, recalled persons and events well known to the old-timers present. Brief talks were made also by J. M. Satterthwaite of the Douglass Tribune, Stella B. Haines, president of the Augusta Historical Society, and other friends. Chester Shore, editor of the Augusta Daily Gazette, acted as toastmaster.

Stella B. Haines was reelected president of the Augusta Historical Society at its annual meeting held in Augusta, January 8, 1940. Other officers chosen were Mrs. W. W. Cron, vice-president; K. L. Grimes, secretary, and Clyde Gibson, treasurer. The program included the annual reports of the secretary and treasurer, and a report relating to the projected restoration of the first building in Augusta.

The Riley County Historical Society held a Kansas day meeting and dinner at Manhattan on January 27, 1940. J. E. Edgerton, of Manhattan, the principal speaker, discussed the life of Nehemiah Green, governor of Kansas in 1868-1869.

R. O. Larsen, of Johnson county, was the speaker at the Kansas day meeting of the Shawnee Mission Indian Historical Society, January 29, 1940. His topic was "Early Settlers of This Community."

All officers and directors of the Lyon County Chapter of the Kansas State Historical Society were reelected at the annual meeting held in Emporia on January 3I, 1940. The officers are W. L. Huggins, president; H. A. Wayman, first Vice-president; H. A. Osborne, second Vice-president; John S. Langley, treasurer; E. C. Ryan, secretary; and Lucina Jones, Mrs. Fannie R. Vickery and Mrs. F. L. Gilson, historians. The directors, whose two-year terms had expired and who were reelected for three-year terms, are J. J. Wingfield for Agnes City township, L. H. Ames for Americus township, Ben Talbot for Pike township, W. A. White for fourth ward, Emporia, and Mrs. William Sheets for Waterloo township. Kirke Mechem, secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society, made a brief talk in which he offered suggestions for conducting the county



historical museum which is shortly to be established. George R. Pflaum, of Emporia State College, has agreed to donate a collection of Indian relics to the museum. Reports of the secretary and treasurer were heard, and Mrs. Gilson and Miss Jones gave reports on historical items. The Lyon County Society has the largest membership of any of the county organizations.

The Dickinson County Historical Society held its spring meeting at the Presbyterian church in Solomon on March 28, 1940. Papers on pioneer families and on various phases of county history were read. Bert Ramsey of Solomon, chairman of the program committee, presided at the open meeting, and Mrs. Carl Peterson of Enterprise, president of the society, presided at the business meeting. There was an attendance of 150 persons from all parts of the county, and motion pictures of the group, to be shown at the annual meeting next fall, were taken by Robert Riordan.

Ottawa University was host to the fourteenth annual meeting of the Kansas State History Teachers Association, held in Ottawa on April 6, 1940. The morning program included discussions by Bertrand Maxwell of Washburn College, Topeka, on "Background for the Present European War," and Charles B. Realey of the University of Kansas on "English Attitude Towards the War." In the business meeting in the afternoon two questions were debated: (1) Should the association affiliate with the Kansas Academy of Science? and (2) Should the association cooperate with the Kansas branch of the National Council for Social Studies? Action on these matters was postponed until next year. The session was concluded by a discussion led by F. H. Guild, head of the research bureau of the Kansas Legislative Council, on "Reforms in Kansas State Government." Following are the officers for the coming year: Raymond L. Welty, Fort Hays Kansas State College, president; Ernest Mahan, Pittsburg Kansas State Teachers College, vice-president, and Della A. Warden, Emporia Kansas State Teachers College, secretary-treasurer. Others on the executive committee besides the above-named officers are: Iden Reese, Kansas City Junior College, Robena Pringle, Topeka High School, and Harold E. Conrad, Ottawa University, the retiring president.