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Kansas in World War II Bibliography

A photo of soldiers being inspected outside of their tents at Camp Phillips, Salina, during World War II.



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A portrait of Lt. Jack C. Davis, 
Moundridge, Kansas. He was a member of the 491st Bomb Squadron, 341 Bomb
 Group. Davis was killed in a bombing mission over Duong Cuong, China, 
on January 19, 1945.

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Home Front

First page and link to article in the Boeing Magazine, March 1945, covers the completion of the 1,000 B-29 Superfortress in Wichita."The Battle of Kansas." Kansas Historical Quarterly 13 (November 1945): 481. The manufacture of B-29s by Wichita's Boeing.

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Photograph showing Kansas Cyclone  
noseart on a B-24 aircraft during World War II.

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