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Kansas Memory Podcast - Lincoln & the 1860 Election

The documents used in the Lincoln podcast are available on Kansas Memory.


Abraham Lincoln to Mark W. Delahay
In May, 1859, Lincoln writes from Springfield, Illinois to his longtime friend, Mark Delahay, to tell him he won't be attending the meeting in Osawatomie to organize the Republican Party in Kansas.

John McCannon to James Montgomery
In May 1860, John McCannon writes a letter from Denver, Kansas Territory, to his friend James Montgomery, and mentions that he has heard that Lincoln is the Republican Party's nominee.

John W. Robinson to Isaac Goodnow
John W. Robinson of Manhattan, Kansas Territory, expresses elation to his business associate, Isaac Goodnow, upon hearing Lincoln has been elected, in this letter dated November 12, 1860.

Lyman Trumbull to Mark W. Delahay
Illinois Senator and Lincoln supporter, Lyman Trumbull, writes to Mark Delahay in Kansas on December 14, 1860, to say that Lincoln should not allow any southern state to secede.