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Kansas Physicians and Midwives

This database is a compilation of the names of Kansas medical practitioners from two sources, the Kansas Board of Health's published reports for 1887-1900 and Dickman's Medical Directory published in 1881.

Applications for medical licenses of doctors formerly practicing in Kansas are in the records of the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts License Application Files, Medical Doctors, 1901-2001.

Fill in one or more of the following:

Use Soundex? [Soundex finds names that sound similar, although not spelled the same, as for example Turner, Terner, and Trimmer, or Watson and Whitson.]

NOTE: Spelling of names in this index may vary. Be sure to check under all possible variants.

Entries in the Kansas Board of Health reports may contain the following information:

  • place of residence
  • age of individual
  • number of years in practice
  • medical school attended
  • graduation date
  • state or county of birth

Some of the dates of practice listed in the Board of Health reports are earlier than 1887.

The following information may be contained in Dickman's Medical Directory:

  • place of residence
  • name of medical school attended
  • graduation date
  • prior service as a Civil War military surgeon

Completion of this database was made possible by volunteer Irene Stillie.  The index to applications in 1901 and after was completed by volunteer Darrell Schmitz.

For more informaton about these records, please contact the reference staff of the Kansas Historical Society.