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Moments of Glory - Part 7

Helicopter designed and built 
by Rex Maneval.

Creativity: Following the Muse

Although markets and competitions exist for creative work, many people use their talents quietly and never secure financial rewards or fame.

Personal challenges and satisfaction may be the only rewards for their work. Others may see their products used, sold, published, or exhibited.

Rex Maneval of Frankfort designed and built this helicopter (right) around 1941. Although it was never marketed and only flew on a tether, it included innovative design features common to early successful helicopters. Maneval also designed and built several airplanes and a streamlined passenger train.

Elizabeth Layton drawing for Kansas 125th commemorationWhen Elizabeth "Grandma" Layton of Wellsville began drawing at age 68, she had no way of knowing the change it would make in her life. Although her work received national exposure, she refused to sell it. Art was important to her purely as self-expression. She used her works to make social commentary and to aid causes she supported.

Layton and her husband are depicted in this drawing (left) she produced for Kansas' 125th anniversary of statehood.




Moments of Glory is an online exhibit developed by the Kansas Museum of History.

  1. Introduction
  2. Competition: Everybody Loves a Winner
  3. People Outstanding in Their Fields
  4. Social Approval: The Good, the Bad, and the Role Models
  5. Personal Milestones
  6. Brushes With Greatness
  7. Creativity: Following the Muse
  8. Collections

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