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Moments of Glory - Part 8

Hall of busts and portraits.Collections

Commemoration is an ancient human tendency.

It has been recognized by scholars as an important aspect of ritual in human societies. We fill our living areas with objects reflective of our own lives and those of our ancestors. We fill museums with objects reminiscent of our famous and not so famous members.

Although museums collect much more, they keep commemorative objects to inform their visitors about specific events, prevalent activities, the impact of people's lives and work, and how communities document all these things.

Some museums, like halls of fame, collect only commemorative objects. Museums of the past also were more specialized. They exhibited artifacts to glorify famous men and certain historical events.

Historical interest and inquiry has since broadened. As our society has produced vast quantities of commemorative objects, museum collections have similarly expanded. Nevertheless, the achievements of individuals, ordinary as well as famous, are still an important part of our history.


This concludes the Kansas Museum of History's online exhibit, Moments of Glory.

  1. Introduction
  2. Competition: Everybody Loves a Winner
  3. People Outstanding in Their Fields
  4. Social Approval: The Good, the Bad, and the Role Models
  5. Personal Milestones
  6. Brushes With Greatness
  7. Creativity: Following the Muse
  8. Collections

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