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Marijana - Ending

Marijana - My People's Painter exhibit

Marijana's Strawberry Hill

In 1956 the Interstate Highway 70 came through the lower part of the Hill.  Everything below the Saint John the Baptist Church on down to the river was taken.  Over two hundred homes and businesses were destroyed.

Strawberry Hill was a very nice place to grow up.  In every house lived a family.  Down the street or next door lived a grandma and grandpa, aunt, uncle, cousin, or a friendly neighbor.  Everyone visited and helped each other.  It will always be a special place to our people.


To all my people I give our memories of Strawberry HillMarijana

Marijana and her husband, Ed Grisnik, continue to live in Kansas City, Kansas today.  Marijana still paints and Ed plays in a Polka Band.  They are both active in the church and the Strawberry Hill Museum and Cultural Center.