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Puzzles From the Past Traveling Trunk

This trunk contains:

Teaching Manual

Objects and Reproductions:

Object Cards


  1. Myths & Misconceptions
  2. New Baby in the Grass House
  3. Cultural Comparisons
  4. Observing an Image
  5. Observation and Inference
  6. Pottery Classification
  7. Instructions for the Stratigraphy Model
  8. Stratigraphy Research
  9. Stratigraphy Timeline
  10. Site Analysis
  11. Ethnography excerpt
  12. Exploring with Ethnography
  13. Muriel Farmer, Landowner
  14. Archie Howlogee, Archeologist
  15. Fred Big Bear, Native American
  16. Position Analysis
  17. Judge's Worksheet

Graphic Images

  1. Native American Woman Using Bison Scapula Hoe
  2. Wichita Grass House Posthole Pattern
  3. Wichita Grass Houses
  4. Wichita Grass Homestead
  5. Pottery Sherd Analysis
  6. Gridding an Archeological Site
  7. Excavating Units of a Gridded Site
  8. Excavation Unit Cross Section
  9. Wall Profile of an Excavated Unit
  10. Bison Scapula Hoe
  11. Map of Pawnee Territories in Kansas and Nebraska
  12. Pawnee Village

Ft. Larned Medicine Artifact Research

Kansas Cultural Sequence

Stratigraphy activity (4 plexiglass dividers, 4 sets of stratigraphy cards, and assembly directions)

Wichita grass lodge site features floor cloth


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