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Read Kansas! Middle School Lessons

M - 8 Impact of Indian Removal ActThe 43 lessons are designed for seventh and eighth graders.  The standards addressed in these lessons are primarily related to 7th grade Kansas topics, however many will also be applicable to 8th grade U.S. History.  The on-line version of each lesson includes the conversions to both Kansas College and Career Ready Standards (KCCRS) and Kansas History, Government and Social Studies Standards (2013). These lessons were written to supplement The Kansas Journey textbook. They can stand-alone or be used in conjunction with U. S. history.

M-1 Know Your Rights

M-2 Division of Power

M-3 Juvenile and Adult Criminal Justice

M-4 Local Government: Caring for Your Community

M-5 Nomadic and Sedentary Tribes in Kansas

M-6 The Price of Exploring Kansas

M-7 Indian Removal to the Great American Desert

M-8 Impact of Indian Removal Act

M-13 All Eyes on Kansas Territory

M-9 Frontier Forts

M-10 Popular Sovereignty Under the Kansas-Nebraska Act

M-11 Dispute over Slavery in Kansas Territory

M-12 Danger on the Underground Railroad

M-13 All Eyes on Kansas Territory

M-14 Territorial Characters

M-15 The Wyandotte Constitutional Convention: The Issue of Suffrage

M-16 The Civil War Comes to Kansas: Quantrill's Raid on Lawrence

M-17 The Civil War Comes to Kansas: The Battle of Mine Creek

M-18 "War for the Union and for Freedom!": Recruitment of Civil War Volunteer Regiments

M-19 The Depletion of the Buffalo

M-20 Cowboys, Cattle Drives, and Kansas

M-21 Tracing Migration Patterns

M-22 The Exoduster MovementM-41 The Great American Desert

M-23 Building Kansas

M-24 Mexican Migration to Kansas

M-25 The Hmong Migration

M-26 Hardships on the Kansas Prairie

M-27 Votes for Women!

M-28 Populism and Governor Lewelling

M-29 Progressive Movement in Kansas

M-30 Meet the Reformers

M-31 Was the Dust Bowl Good for Kansas?

M-32 Airplane Manufacturing in Kansas

M-33 Notable Kansans—The Rest of the Story

M-34 A New Deal for KansasMeet the Reformers

M-35 How World War II Changed Kansas

M-36 Separate and Unequal

M-37 Big Dam Foolishness

M-38 Gordon Parks: First Survival, Then Success

M-39 Rural Depopulation

M-40 Who was John Brown?

M-41 The Great American Desert

M-42 Social Exploration in Kansas

M-43 A Noble Bargain