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Read Kansas! Middle School - M-38 Gordon Parks: First Survival, Then Success

This lesson explores the connection between history and the arts.  Students will analyze three pieces by Kansan Gordon Parks and identify the ways his early life influenced his later artistic endeavors.  They will study the theme of discrimination as it applies to Kansas culture today.  This lesson is designed to take two class periods, but can be adjusted as necessary. Select each image to see a PDF with the front and back of each card.

M-38 Gordon Parks
mp3 audio

M-38 Gordon Parks' writings
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Lesson plan

Kansas History, Government and Social Studies Standards:

Standard #4:  Societies experience continuity and change over time.

  • 4.2:  The student will analyze the context of continuity and change and the vehicles of reform, drawing conclusions about past change and potential future change.

Kansas College and Career Ready Standards:

  • RH.6-8.1: The student cites specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources.