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Recent Additions - May 1945

Compiled by Helen M. McFarland

(Vol. 13 No. 6), pages 367 to 381.
Transcribed by lhn;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

IN ORDER that members of the Kansas Historical Society and others interested in historical study may know the class of books we are receiving, a list is printed annually of the books accessioned in our specialized fields. These books come to us from three sources, purchase, gift and exchange, and fall into the following classes: Books by Kansans and about Kansas; books on the West, including explorations, overland journeys and personal narratives; genealogy and local history; and books on the Indians of North America, United States history, biography and allied subjects which are classified as general. The out-of-state city directories received by the Historical Society are not included in this compilation.

We also receive regularly the publications of many historical societies by exchange, and subscribe to other historical and genealogical publications which are needed in reference work.

The following is a partial list of books which were added to the library from October 1, 1943, to September 30, 1944. Government and state official publications and some books of a general nature are not included. The total number of books accessioned appears in the report of the secretary in the February issue of the Quarterly.


Aircrafter. Wichita, Cessna Employees' Club, 1941, 1942. 2 Vols.
ALLEN, ERROLL V., Incidents of Homestead Days in North Central Kansas. Mimeographed. 20p.
ARCHER, LAIRD, Balkan Journal. New York, W. W. Norton and Company, Inc. [c1944]. 254p.
BECKMAN, PETER, The Catholic Church on the Kansas Frontier, 1850-1877. Washington, D. C., The Catholic University of America, 1943. 168p.
BOOK-OF-THE-MONTH CLUB, INC., William Allen White: In Memoriam. N. p. [19441. [20] p.
BURTSCHER, WILLIAM JoHN, I Wrote a Journal; a Book of Queer Things That Happened and Were Thought of in a Second-Hand Store. Los Angeles, Wetzel Publishing Company, Inc. [c1940]. 275p.
----, Man Afoot; He Walked a Lot, Saw a Lot, and Wrote a Few Essays and Things. Los Angeles, Wetzel Publishing Company, Inc. [1941]. 239p.
CALVERT, MRS. MAUDE (RICHMAN), and LEILA BUNCE SMITH, Advanced Course in Home Making. Atlanta, Turner E. Smith and Company [1939]. 569p.
----, Advanced Course in Home Making Workbook. Atlanta, Turner E. Smith and Company [c1939]. 271p.



----. First Course in Home Making. Atlanta, Turner E. Smith and Company [c1941]. 555p.
----, The New First Course in Home Making Workbook. Atlanta, Turner E. Smith and Company [1938]. 187p.
CARPENTER, FRANK M., The Lower Permian Insects of Kansas. Parts 7-9. (Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Vol. 70, NO. 4; Vol. 73, NO. 3; Vol. 75, NO. 2.)
CASEMENT, DAN DILLON, The Abbreviated Autobiography of a Joyous Pagan. Manhattan, n. p., 1944. 74p.
COLEMAN LAMP AND STOVE COMPANY, WICHITA, How Ski-Troopers Get Hot Meals at "50-Below" and Other "Inside" War Stories. NO impr. [20]p.
COLIN, GALEN C., Pistol Pards. New York, Phoenix Press [1943]. 255p.
CRAVEN, THOMAS, ed., Cartoon Cavalcade. New York, Simon and Schuster [c1943]. 456p.
----, The Story of Painting, From Cave Pictures to Modern Art. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1943. 253p.
CROSS, Roy, From a Chemist's Diary. [Kansas City, MG., Kansas City Testing Laboratory, c1943.] 315p.
----, Handbook of Petroleum, Asphalt and Natural Gas. . . . Kansas City, MO., Kansas City Testing Laboratory, 1931. 864p.
DAVIS, DON E., An Investigation of the Governmental Agencies of the State of Kansas. Topeka, Kansas State Printing Plant, 1943. 95p. (Kansas State Teachers College Of Emporia, Studies in Education, NO. 27.)
DICKINSON, THOMAS A., Aircraft Construction Handbook. New York, Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1943. 237p.
DUNCAN, CLARK, Light on a Hill. Grand Rapids, Mich., Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1943. 168p.
FARQUHAR, FRANCIS P., Jedediah Smith and the First Crossing of the Sierra Nevada. (Reprinted from the Sierra Club Bulletin, Vol. 28, NO. 3, June, 1943.) [17]p.
FINN, FRANCIS JAMES, Harry Dee; or, Making It Out. New York, Benziger Brothers, Inc. [1892]. 284p.
----, Percy Wynn; or, Making a Boy of Him. New York, Benziger Brothers, Inc. [1891]. 253p.
----, Tom Playfair; or, Making a Start. New York, Benziger Brothers, Inc. [1891]. 251p.
FLINT, LEON NELSON, The Editorial, With Case Material and Assignments. 2d ed. New York, D. Appleton and Company, 1928. 319p.
HARMS, JOHN FOTH, Geschichte der Mennoniten Brudergemeinde. Hillsboro, Mennonite Brethren Publishing House, n. d. 342p.
HART, JOHN WESLEY, History of Twenty-Six Short Years of the Life of George Thomas Hart. Topeka, n.p., 1943. 111p.
HAWLEY, CHARLES ARTHUR, History of the First Presbyterian Church of Atchison, Kansas, 1858-1943. N. p. [1944]. 12 p.
HAYS, FIRST METHODIST CHURCH, Sixty-Sixth Anniversary, 1878-1944. NO impr. [12]p.
HEMBLING, MRS. NINA (CLARK), Little Candles Burning. N. p., Skylines Press, 1943. 23p.


----, The Seven Lamps of Worship, a Candle-Lighting Service. Boston, Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, n. d. 7p.
HIBBARD, CLAUDE WILLIAM, and Others, Reconnaissance of Pleistocene Deposits in North-Central Kansas. Lawrence, University Of Kansas [1944]. 28p. (State Geological Survey Of Kansas, Bulletin, NO. 52, Part 1.)
HIGBEE, ALMA ROBISON, Songs for Mountain Men. Dallas, Tex., The Kaleidograph Press [c1943]. 59p.
HUGHES, LANGSTON, Freedom's Plow. New York, Musette Publishers [c1943]. 14p.
HUTCHINSON, ORDINANCES, Revised Ordinances, 1932. Hutchinson, The Wholesaler Printing Company, 1932. 295p.
[In Memoriam: Osmon Grant Markham, August 21,1865-April 18, 1943.] NO impr. 31p.
JOHNSON COUNTY OLD SETTLERS ASSOCIATION, Early Days in Johnson County, a Symposium Given in Connection With the 16th Reunion of the Johnson County Old Settlers Association Held at Olathe, Kansas, on Saturday, September 6, 1942. Typed. 29p.
KANSAS AUTHORS CLUB, 1911 Year Book. Topeka, The Service Print Shop, 1944. 96p.
KANSAS AUTHORS CLUB, THIRD DISTRICT, [Prairie Treasures] May, 1943, Anthology. 2d ed. Coffeyville, The Journal Press, 1943. 45p.
KANSAS LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL, RESEARCH DEPARTMENT, Filing and Publication of Administrative Regulations. (Publication, NO. 120, November, 1943.) Mimeographed. 34p.
Judicial Reapportionment and Salaries and Retirement of Judges. (Publication, NO. 127, June, 1944.) Mimeographed. [34]p.
KANSAS STATE BRAND COMMISSIONER, 1943 Brand Book of the State of Kansas, Showing All State Recorded Brands of Cattle, Horses, Mules and Sheep. Topeka, Kansas State Printing Plant, 1943. 421p.
KAUGG, ALBERT ARTHUR, Facts and Fancies. Coffeyville, C. C. Drake, 1944. 84p.
LANHAM, CEORA BELL, Only a Barb. [Topeka, Kelley Printing Company, c1914.] 18p.
LEE, WALLACE, The Stratigraphy and Structural Development of the Forest City Basin in Kansas. Lawrence, University Of Kansas Press, 1943. 142p. (State Geological Survey Of Kansas, Bulletin, NO. 51.)
LINDQUIST, GUSTAVUS ELMER EMANUEL, Bland Nordamerikas Indianer Uppsala, J. A. Lindblads Forlag [1926]. 238p.
----, Early Work Among the Indians; One Hundred and Fifty Years of Service Among Native Americans. (Reprinted from The Missionary Review of the World, November, 1937.) 8p.
----, The Government's New Indian Policy; Proposed Revival of Tribalism, Seen From the Missionary Angle. (Reprinted from The Missionary Review of the World, n. d.) [3]p.
---- and Edith M. Dabb, Guides Along New Indian Trails. New York, The Joint Committee On Indian Missions Of the Home Missions Council and Council Of Women for Home Missions [1921]. Folder.


----, Handbook for Missionary Workers Among the American Indians. New York, Home Missions Council [c1932]. 87p.
----, The History of White Expansion in the United States. NO impr. [10]p. Indian Fellowship Conferences. New York, National Fellowship of Indian Workers, 1938. 6p.
----, The Indian Fights for Democracy. New York, National Fellowship Of Indian Workers, 1942. 12p.
----, The Indian in American Life. New York, Friendship Press [c1944]. 180p.
----, and ARTHUR C. PARKER, The Indians of New York State. New York, Home Missions Council, n. d. 20p.
----, The Land of Hiawatha. (Reprinted from the Southern Workman, April, 1928.)
11p. ----, The New Frontiers of Youth; a Challenge to Youth and Achievement. (Reprinted from The Haskell Indian Institute Y. M. C. A. Bulletin.) 16p.
----, The Place of Home Missions in the Post-War World. New York, National Fellowship Of Indian Workers, 1943. 12p.
----, Preliminary Report on Peyote. NO impr. 10p.
----, Receding Frontiers in the Indian Country. (Reprinted from the Southern Workman, March, 1931.) 8p.
LINDSEY, SARAH, Selections From Memorandum Made by Sarah Lindsey Whilst Accompanying Her Husband, Robert Lindsey, on a Religious Visit to Friends and Others in. the Western Hemisphere in 1868. Typed. 22p.
MCCLINTOCK, MARSHALL, Airplanes and How They Fly . . . New York, Frederick A. Stokes Company [c1943]. 94p.
McFARLAND, EARL, Catalogue of the Ordnance Museum United States Military Academy. West Point, N. Y., United States Military Academy Printing Office, 1929. 266p.
Textbook of Ordnance and Gunnery. New York, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1929. 625p.
McFARLAND, JOHN THOMAS, Poems. New York, The Methodist Book Concern [1914]. 75p.
MACKINNON, HECTOR DONALD, JR., Aircraft Production; Planning and Control. New York, Pitman Publishing Corporation [c1943]. 253p.
MCPHERSON, CITY CLERK, Annual Report City of McPherson, Kansas, 1940, 1941, 1943. 3 Vols.
MCPHERSON, ORDINANCES, Revised Ordinances, 1926. [McPherson, 1926.] 189p.
MALIN, JAMES CLAUDE, Mobility and History; Reflections on the Agricultural Policies of the United States in Relation to a Mechanized World. (Reprinted from Agricultural History, Vol. 17, October, 1943.) 14p.
----, Winter Wheat in the Golden Belt of Kansas; a Study in Adaption to Subhumid Geographical Environment. Lawrence, University Of Kansas Press, 1944. 290p.
MENNINGER, WILLIAM CLAIRE, Juvenile Paresis. Baltimore, The Williams and Wilkins Company, 1936. 199p. (The Menninger Clinic Monograph Series, NO. 1.)
MIDDLEKAUFF, MRS. J. H., and Others, Ellis County Courthouses and Officers, 1867-1942. NO impr. [23]p.


MILLER, FRANCIS TREVELYAN, Eisenhower, Man and Soldier. Philadelphia, The John C. Winston Company [c1944]. 278p.
MILLER, ORMAL LEROY, Missing in Action, a Sermon [July 16, 1944]. No impr. 15p.
MOLK, SOPHIA, Haunting Shadows. New York, The Exposition Press ]1944]. 160p.
OTTAWA, ORDINANCES, Revised Ordinances, 1938. Ottawa, The Herald, 1938. 357p.
PARSONS, ORDINANCES, Revised Ordinances, 1930. [Parsons, 1930.] 499p. PENNELL,
JOSEPH STANLEY, The History of Rome Hanks and Kindred Matters. New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1944. 363p.
PITTSBURG, ORDINANCES, Revised Ordinances of 1935. Pittsburg, n. p., 1936. 355p.
POLLOCK, MRS. ANNA BOND, Mother's Roses and Other Poems. Puxico, Mo., Candor Press, 1944. 25p.
PRATT, WALLACE E., Oil in the Earth. 2d ed. Lawrence, University Of Kansas Press, 1943. 110p.
QUAYLE, WILLIAM ALFRED, In God's Out-of-Doors. Cincinnati, Jennings and Graham [c1902]. 232p.
RAPAPORT, DAVID, Emotions and Memory. Baltimore, The Williams and Wilkins Company, 1942. 282p. (The Menninger Clinic Monograph Series, NO. 2.)
RICHARDS, WALTER MARVIN, and BLISS ISELY, Our Careers as Citizens. Chicago, Beckley-Cardy Company [cl943]. [464]p.
SALINA, ORDINANCES, Book of Revised Ordinances, 1939 . . . Salina (Padgett's Printing House], 1940. 406p.
SCHACHNER, NATHAN, The Sun Shines West. New York, D. Appleton-Century Company, 1943. 509p.
SCHMECKEBIER, LAURENCE ELI, John Steuart Curry's Pageant of America. New York, American Artists Group, 1943. 363p.
----, Science and the War; a Symposium Presented at the Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Meeting of the Kansas Academy of Science, Lawrence, Kansas, April 10, 1943. (Reprinted from the Transactions Of the Kansas Academy Of Science, 1943.) 47p.
SHANER, DOLPH, John Baxter of Baxter Springs, Picturesque Character of Frontier Days. (Rev. reprint of Joplin Globe, issues Of January 17 and February 7, 1943.) 14p.
SIEGELE, HERMAN H., Twigs of Thought. Boston, Chapman and Grimes [c1944]. 64p.
SMITH, C. HENRY, The Coming of the Russian Mennonites, an Episode in the Settling of the Last Frontier, 1874-1884. Berne, Ind., Mennonite Book Concern, 1927. 296p.
SPEELMAN, MRS. MARGARET (PEARSON), The Pageant of War Drums Along the Wakarusa . . . Presented . . . On the Occasion Of [Haskell Institute's] Sixtieth Anniversary . . . [Lawrence] Haskell Institute Printing Department, 1944. 24p.
STANLEY, S. LINDLEY, A History of the Quaker Settlement at Hesper, Kansas. A Thesis Submitted to the Graduate Division in Partial Fulfillment of the


Requirements for the Degree Of Master Of Science. Pittsburg, Kansas State Teachers College, 1937. Typed. 45p.
Story of American Railway Operations as Typified by the Santa Fe Miniature Railroad Exhibit in the Museum Of Science and Industry, Jackson Park, Chicago. [N. p., Rand McNally, 1941.] [20]p.
STREMEL, ALEX G., 1878-1943, Sixty-Fifth Jubilee; Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Windthorst, Kansas. [Spearville, the Spearville News, 1943.] 64p.
TOPEKA, COUNCIL OF SOCIAL AGENCIES, [Second] Annual Report, 1942-1943. Mimeographed. [20]p.
----, Year Book 1941-1942. Mimeographed. 40p.
TOPEKA WOMAN'S CLUB, CREATIVE WRITING CLASS, On the Wing in Prose and Verse. N.p. [1943]. 35p.
UNITED SPANISH WAR VETERANS, DEPT. OF KANSAS, AUXILIARY, Souvenir Silver Jubilee Convention; History of the Department of Kansas Auxiliary, United Spanish War Veterans, May 21-23,1944, Emporia, Kansas. Parsons, Commercial Publishers, 1944. 23p.

WARKENTIN, ABRAHAM, and MELVIN GINGERICH, Who's Who Among the Mennonites, 1943. North Newton [Bethel College Press], 1943. 428p.
WELLMAN, PAUL ISELIN, The Bowl of Brass, a Novel. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Company [c1944]. 319p.
WICHITA, CITY PLANNING COMMISSION, A Preliminary Report Upon Your City and Planning. Wichita, n. p., 1943. 32p.
WIGGIN, ELIZA JOHNSTON, Impressions of Early Kansas. [Wichita, The Grit Printery, c1915.] 72p.
WILLARD, JULIUS TERRASS, comp., History of Kansas State College; Material Consisting Chiefly of Copies of Articles Printed in Newspapers, and Connected Directly or Indirectly With Kansas State College: Part 1, 1854-1872; Part 2, 1873-1875. Typed. 2 Vols.
----, History of Kansas State College; Material Consisting of Letters and, to a Small Extent, Newspaper Correspondence, 1897 to 1899, Relating to the Controversy at That Period Concerning Certain Acts of Boards of Regents of the Kansas State Agricultural College. Typed. [194]p.
WILLIAMS, CHARLES C., Ground-Water Conditions in the Neosho River Valley in the Vicinity of Parsons, Kansas. Lawrence, University Of Kansas [1944]. 80p. (State Geological Survey Of Kansas, Bulletin, NO. 52, Part 2.)
THE WITAN, UNIVERSITY OF KANSAs, Life Begins at Seventeen; a Streamlined Inventory. Lawrence [The World Company], 1941. 101p.
WOOD, CLEMENT, The Life of a Man; a Biography of John R. Brinkley. Kansas City, Goshorn Publishing Company, 1934. 332p.


BRUFF, J. GOLDSBOROUGH, Gold Rush; the Journals, Drawings, and Other Papers of J. Goldsborough Bruff, Captain, Washington City and California Mining Association, April 2, 1849-July 20, 1851. New York, Columbia University Press, 1944. 2 Vols.
----, The Culture of the Middle West. Appleton, Wis., The Lawrence College Press, 1944. 72p.


GREGG, JOSIAH, Diary and Letters of Josiah Gregg; Excursions in Mexico and California, 1847-1850. Edited by Maurice Garland Fulton. Norman, University Of Oklahoma Press, 1944. 396p.
GUNNISON, ALMON, Rambles Overland; a Trip Across the Continent. Boston, Universalist Publishing House, 1884. 245p.
MCNEER, MAY YONGE, The Story of the Great Plains. Lithographs by C. H. DeWitt. New York, Artists and Writers Guild, Inc. [c1943]. [30]p.
NUTS, GRACE LEE, Caesars of the Wilderness; Medard Chouart, Sieur Des Groseilliers and Pierre Esprit Radisson, 1618-1710. New York, D. Appleton-Century Company, Inc. [c1943]. 386p.
PADEN, MRS. IRENE (DAKIN), The Wake of the Prairie Schooner. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1943. 514p.
PARISH, JOHN CARL, The Persistence of the Westward Movement and Other Essays. Berkeley, University Of California Press, 1943. 187p.
RISTER, CARL COKE, Border Command; General Phil Sheridan. in the West. Norman, University Of Oklahoma Press, 1944. 244p.


ALABAMA, STATE DEPARTMENT OF ARCHIVES AND HISTORY, Revolutionary Soldiers in Alabama; Being a List of Names, Compiled From Authentic Sources, of Soldiers of the American Revolution, Who Resided in the State of Alabama. Montgomery, The Brown Printing Company, 1911. 131p.
AMERICAN CLAN GREGOR SOCIETY, Year Book Containing the Proceedings of the Thirty-Second Annual Gathering [1941]. Richmond, Va. [Cussons, May and Company, c1943.] 107p.
American Genealogical Index, Vols. 8-11. Middletown, Conn., Published by a Committee Representing the Cooperating Subscribing Libraries . . , 1943-1944. 4 Vols.
BENTON, ELBERT JAY, Cultural Story of an American City; Cleveland, Part 1: During the Log Cabin Phases, 1796-1825. Cleveland, Western Reserve Historical Society, 1943. 46p.
BLANCHARD, RUFUS, History of Du Page County, Illinois. Chicago, O. L. Baskin and Company, 1882. [538]p.
DODGE, GEORGE MADISON, Soldiers of King Philip's War . . . With a Concise History of the Indian Wars of New England From 1620-1677 . . . Boston [The Rockwell and Churchill Press], 1906. 502p.
BOWEN, CLARENCE WINTHOP, The History of Woodstock, Connecticut; Genealogies of Woodstock Families; Vols. 7-8. Worcester, Printed for the American Antiquarian Society, 1943. 2 Vols.
BOWEN, HAROLD KING, American Ancestry: American Ancestors of Barbara Evelyn Bowen. [Osceola, MO., Author, c1944.] 11p.
BOWEN, RICHARD LEBARON, The Providence Oath of Allegiance and Its Signers, 1651-2. Providence, General Court Of the Society Of Colonial Wars in the State Of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, 1943. 92p.
CHAMBERLAIN, GEORGE WALTER, cOmp., The Descendants of Charles Glidden of Portsmouth and Exeter, New Hampshire. Boston, n. p., 1925. 420p.
CHARLES COUNTY, MARYLAND, COUNTY COURT, Proceedings 1666-1674. Baltimore, Maryland Historical Society, 1943. 635p. (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 60.)


CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA, Year Book, 1942. Charleston, Walker, Evans and Cogswell Co. [1943]. 210p.
CRAWFORD, MARY CAROLINE, Famous Families of Massachusetts. Boston, Little, Brown and Company, 1930. 2 Vols.
CRUMRINE, BOYD, ed., History of Washington County, Pennsylvania, With Biographical Sketches of Many of Its Pioneers and Prominent Men. Philadelphia, L. H. Everts and Company, 1882. 1002p.
DAYTON, MRS. RUTH (WOODS), Greenbrier Pioneers and Their Homes. Charleston, West Virginia Publishing Company, 1942. 383p.
DUTCH SETTLERS SOCIETY OF ALBANY, Yearbook, Vols. 18-19,1942-1944. Albany, The Dutch Settlers Society, 1944. 59p.
EAGLESON, A. S., Byers Family History. Typed. 63p.
EAST TENNESSEE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Publications, Nos. 14-15. [Knoxville, Tenn.]
Society; c1942-1943. 2 Vols.
FARLEY, JESSE KELSO, JR., Twelve Generations of Farleys. Evanston, Ill., Privately Printed, 1943. [251]p.
FINLEY, ISAAC J., and RUFUS PUTNAM, Pioneer Record and Reminiscences of the Early Settlers and Settlement of Ross County, Ohio. Cincinnati, Robert Clarke and Company, 1871. 148p.
FLICK, ALEXANDER C., The Bebout Family in Flanders and North America. [Ann Arbor, Edwards Brothers, Inc.] 1943. 80p.
FLINT, JOHN, and JOHN H. STONE, A Genealogical Register of the Descendants of Thomas Flint, of Salem . . . Andover, Warren F. Draper, 1860. 150p.
[GARLAND, THOMAS M., and others], The Deer Family. Revised, July, 1942. No impr. 52p.
GEORGETOWN, MAINE, Vital Records to the Year 1892. Vol. 2, Marriages. Vol. 3, Deaths. Published under authority of the Maine Historical Society, 1941, 1943. 2 Vols.
GLAZEBROOK, EUGENIA G., and PRESTON G. GLAZEBROOK, comps., Virginia Migrations; Hanover County, Vol. 1, 1723-1850; Wills, Deeds, Depositions, Invoices, Letters and Other Documents of Historical and Genealogical Interest. Mimeographed. [115] p.
GOLDING, AUGUSTUS C., comp., Descendants of Rev. Thomas Hanford; Vol. 1, Six Generations. Norwalk, Conn., n. p., 1936. 153p.
GOLDSBOROUGH, MRS. CARRIE (TARLETON), and MRS. ANNA GOLDSBOROUGH FISHER, Descendants of John Sutton and His Wife Temperance Lane. Lexington, Ky., Clay Printing Company, 1941. 179p.
GORGES, RAYMOND, The Story of a Family Through Eleven Centuries Being a History of the Family of Gorges. Boston [The Merrymount Press], 1944. 289p.
GRIMES, J. BRYAN, North Carolina Wills and Inventories; Copied From Original and Recorded Wills and Inventories in the Office of the Secretary of State. Raleigh, Edwards and Broughton Printing Company, 1912. 587p. HAPGOOD, WARREN, The Hapgood Family, Descendants of Shadrach 1666-1898. New ed. with Supplement. Boston, Compiler, 1898. 590p.
HARRINGTON, JESSIE Silversmiths of Delaware, 1700-1850; Old Church Silver in Delaware. N. p., National Society of Colonial Dames of America in the State of Delaware, 1939. 132p.


HENDRICKSON, WALTER BROOKFIELD, David Dale Owen, Pioneer Geologist of the Middle West. Indianapolis, Indiana Historical Bureau, 1943. 180p. The Heraldic Journal; Recording the Armorial Bearings and Genealogies of American Families; Nos. 1-24, January, 1865-October, 1868. Boston, Wiggin and Lunt, 1865-1868. 4 Vols.
HILL, WILLIAM CARROLL, The Family of Bray Wilkins "Patriarch of Will's Hill" of Salem (Middleton) Mass. Milford, N. H., The Cabinet Press, 1943. 213p.
HISTORICAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY OF OHIO, and THE UNIVERSITY Of CINCINNATi, The Centenary of the Cincinnati Observatory, November 5, 1943 [Cincinnati, Court Index Press, Inc.] 1944. 63p. (Publications of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio.)
History of Christian County, Illinois . . . and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers. Philadelphia, Brink, McDonough and Company, 1880. 259p.
[History of Fayette County, Ohio, 1881, by R. S. Dills.] 1039p.
History of Greene County, Illinois; Its Past and Present . . . Chicago, Donnelley, Gassette and Loyd, 1879. 771p.
History of Henry County, Illinois; Its Tax-Payers and Voters . . . Chicago, H. F. Kett and Company, 1877. 589p.
History of Warrick, Spencer and Perry Counties, Indiana . . . Chicago, Goodspeed Brothers and Company, 1885. 837p.
HOPKINS, WALTER LEE, Hopkins of Virginia and .Related Families. Richmond, Va., J. W. Fergusson and Sons, 1931. 405p.
----, Leftwich-Turner Families of Virginia and Their Connections. Richmond, J. W. Fergusson and Sons, 1931. 351p.
HUGUENOT SOCIETY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, Transactions, No. 48. Charleston, S. C., Published by Order of the Society, 1943. 67p.
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LAWRENCE, ROBERT MEANS, The Descendants of Major Samuel Lawrence of Groton, Massachusetts, With Some Mention of Allied Families. Cambridge, Riverside Press, 1904. 344p.
LONG, MINNIE R. H., General Griffith Rutherford and Allied Families; Harsh, Graham, Cathey, Locke, Holeman, Johnson, Chambers. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Cameo Press, 1942. 194p.
LORD, CHARLES CHASE, Life and Times in Hopkinton, N. H. Concord, N. H., Republican Press Association. 1890. 583p.


LYONS, A. W., The Hiram Wesley Lyons Family; a Memorial. [Salt Lake City, The Western Hotel Register Company] 1943. 208p.
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MORRIS, MYRTLE MELONA, Joseph and Philena (Elton) Fellows; Their Ancestry and Descendants; Also the Ancestry of Reuben Fairchild, John and Dorothy (Waldorf) Turner and George Morris. [Washington, D. C., Rufus H. Darby Printing Company, 1940.] 404p.
MOUNT VERNON LADIES' ASSOCIATION OF THE UNION, Annual Report 1944. Mount Vernon, Va., n. p., 1944. 31p.
National Academy of Design Exhibition Record 1826-1860. New York, New York Historical Society, 1943. 2 Vols.
NATIONAL SOCIETY OF THE COLONIAL DAMES OF AMERICA, Historian's Report of the Twenty-Second and Twenty-Third Biennial Council, 1935-1937. [Richmond, Va., Whittet and Shepperson] 1935, 1937. 2 Vols.
----, Minutes of the Twenty-Second and Twenty-Third Biennial Council, 1935 and 1937. [Richmond, Va., Whittet and Shepperson] 1935, 1937. 2 Vols. Officers of the National Society and of the Corporate Societies 19351936, 1936-1937; National Committees, Etc. Printed for the Society, 19351936. 2 Vols.
NEVADA STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Twelfth, Thirteenth, and Fourteenth Reports, Bienniums Ending June 30, 1936, June 30, 1938, June 30, 1940. Combined and Condensed Edition. Carson City, Nev., State Printing Office, 1942. 32p.
----, Fifteenth Biennial Report, July 1, 1940, to June 30, 1942, Inclusive. Carson City, Nev., State Printing Office, 1942. 27p.
NEW JERSEY HISTORICAL SOCIETY, Documents Relating to the Colonial, Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey; Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Administrations, Etc, Vol. 9,1796-1800. Newark,
New Jersey Law Journal, 1944. 581p. (Archives Of the State Of New Jersey, First Series, Vol. 38.)
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