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Training Materials

Basic Archives Workshop

The Basic Archives Workshop was an introductory workshop for those who work with historical documents.  Participants came from local museum and historical societies, genealogical societies, libraries, community colleges, and some county and municipal governments.  It took place at the Kansas Historical Society in Topeka in 2013.

This workshop was developed with funding provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Committee (NHPRC) and Kansas Historical Society (KHS). The project was administered by Kansas State Historical Records Advisory Board (KSHRAB). Some material was borrowed from the American Association of State and Local History (AASLH)'s Basics of Archives workshop series.

Session 1: Acquisitions and Appraisal [Sherry Williams, University of Kansas]

Session 2: Processing [Cliff Hight, Kansas State University and Marcella Wiget, Kansas Historical Society]

Session 3: Preservation [Roberta Woodrick, University of Kansas]

Session 4.1: Digital Initiatives [Jocelyn Wehr, Kansas Historical Society]

Session 4.2: Digital Collections [Matt Veatch, Kansas Historical Society]

Session 5: Access and Reference [Caitlin Donnelley, University of Kansas]

Session 6: Outreach [Abby Pierron, Watkins Community Museum]

Digital Preservation Workshop

The Digital Preservation Workshop took place at the 2014 KMA Annual Conference in Salina, KS.

"Our photo albums, letters, home movies and paper documents are a vital link to the past. Personal information we create today has the same value. The only difference is that much of it is now digital. Chances are that you want to keep some digital photos, e-mail, and other files so that you--and your family--can look at them in the future. But preserving digital information is a new concept that most people have little experience with."

-Preserving Your Digital Memories from The National Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program

Digital Preservation Workshop Handout

Digital Preservation Workshop Slides - Pt. 1

Digital Preservation Workshop Slides - Pt. 2

Digital Preservation Workshop Slides - Pt. 3

Digital Preservation Workshop Slides - Pt. 4

Digital Preservation Booklet

Digital Preservation Flow Chart