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Kansas Records Retention Schedules

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Agency Code: 173-002 (Department of Administration. Office of Accounts and Reports)
Subagency: Statewide Consolidated Reporting

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Agency Number: 173-002
Department of Administration
Office of Accounts and Reports
Statewide Consolidated Reporting
Financial Integrity Team/Federal Reporting Team

SERIES ID 0159-173 
TITLE Annual Financial Report - Work Papers 
DESCRIPTION Schedules, accounts analyses, and other documents used to prepare the annual financial report. Including benefit, canteen, trust funds reconciliation reports and statements; investment reconciliation of trust funds; all local bank accounts statements and reconciliations; agency submitted DA-XX forms for accounts receivable, capital assets, legal liabilities, other liabilities, non-monetary transactions, construction commitments, pollution remediation, service concession arrangements, SEFA, and all other ACFR workpapers.  
RETENTION 7 fiscal years 
APPROVED 2022-04-21 
K.A.R. NUMBER 53-2-213 

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