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General Agency Contacts

Photo of General Information
General Information
Photo of Historic Preservation
Historic Preservation
Cultural Resources 
Photo of Research Assistance
Research Assistance
State Archives 
Photo of Webmaster
Web Applications 

State Archives

Photo of Ethan Anderson
Ethan Anderson
Government Records Archivist 
Photo of Emily Bodenhamer
Emily Bodenhamer
Library Assistant 
Photo of Megan Burton
Megan Burton
State Archivist 
Photo of Michael Church
Michael Church
Senior Archivist - Collections 
Photo of Teresa Coble
Teresa Coble
Acquisitions Archivist 
Photo of Amber Draper
Amber Draper
Library Assistant 
Photo of Benjamin Epps
Benjamin Epps
Photo of Susan Forbes
Susan Forbes
Reference Librarian 
Photo of Lauren Gray
Lauren Gray
Head of Reference 
Photo of Deborah Harris
Deborah Harris
Land Survey Coordinator 
Photo of Katie Keckeisen
Katie Keckeisen
Collections Archivist 
Photo of Lisa Keys
Lisa Keys
Digital Assistant 
Photo of Sarah Parsons
Sarah Parsons
Reference Archivist 
Photo of Dylan Sweyko-Kuhlman
Dylan Sweyko-Kuhlman
Digital Archivist 
Photo of Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer Thompson
Image Tech 


Photo of Debbie Conner
Debbie Conner
Capitol Store Associate 
Photo of Andrew Horvath
Andrew Horvath
Retail Coordinator 
Photo of Caryn Kramer
Caryn Kramer
Programs Director 
Photo of Derenda Mitchell
Derenda Mitchell
CEO & Executive Director 
Photo of Sam Schrader
Sam Schrader
Capitol Tour Guide 
Photo of Sandy Shaffer
Sandy Shaffer
Capitol Store Association 
Photo of Raena J. Sommers
Raena J. Sommers

Education and Museum

Photo of Evelyn Atwood
Evelyn Atwood
Museum Teacher 
Photo of Sarah Bell
Sarah Bell
Photo of Joy Brennan
Joy Brennan
Program Coordinator 
Photo of Harrison Dollar
Harrison Dollar
Capitol Tour Guide 
Photo of Anne Dorcey
Anne Dorcey
Capitol Tour Guide 
Photo of Rebecca Duncan
Rebecca Duncan
Museum Teacher 
Photo of Robert Elder
Robert Elder
Museum Registrar 
Photo of Nate Forsberg
Nate Forsberg
Exhibit Director 
Photo of Penny Guy
Penny Guy
Capitol Tour Guide 
Photo of Lois Herr
Lois Herr
Education Coordinator 
Photo of Norman Hodge
Norman Hodge
Capitol Tour Guide 
Photo of Trae Johnson
Trae Johnson
Education Assistant 
Photo of Roberta Moore-Meinzer
Roberta Moore-Meinzer
Museum Teacher 
Photo of Ashley Pheigaru
Ashley Pheigaru
Education and Museum Administration Assistant 
Photo of Humberto Gómez Salinas
Humberto Gómez Salinas
Capitol Tour Guide 
Photo of Patti Smith
Patti Smith
Capitol Tour Guide 
Photo of Darren Wade
Darren Wade
Capitol Visitor Center Assistant Coordinator 
Photo of Anna Woods
Anna Woods
Museum Curator 

Cultural Resources

Photo of Rick Anderson
Rick Anderson
National Register Historian 
Photo of Mallory Aye
Mallory Aye
Historic Tax Credit Specialist 
Photo of Shelby Beltz
Shelby Beltz
Contract Archeologist 
Photo of Betty Bouray
Betty Bouray
Site Administrator, Pawnee Indian Museum 
Photo of Mark Brooks
Mark Brooks
Site Administrator, Kaw Mission and Last Chance Store Museums 
Photo of Adam Conkey
Adam Conkey
Assistant Site Administrator, Fort Hays 
Photo of Barb Crable
Barb Crable
Photo of Jim Dick
Jim Dick
Site Administrator, Mine Creek Battlefield 
Photo of Melinda Dome
Melinda Dome
Administrative Officer 
Photo of Jamee Fiore
Jamee Fiore
National Register Coordinator 
Photo of Christine Garst
Christine Garst
Archeology Lab 
Photo of Tiffany Grassmuck
Tiffany Grassmuck
Historic Sites Supervisor 
Photo of Katharine Hensler
Katharine Hensler
Site Administrator, First Territorial Capitol 
Photo of Chris Herriage
Chris Herriage
Contract Archeologist 
Photo of Pam Howe
Pam Howe
Site Administrator, Grinter Place  
Photo of Haileigh Jacobs
Haileigh Jacobs
Site Administrator 
Photo of Kristen Johnston
Kristen Johnston
Historic Tax Credit Specialist 
Photo of Lauren Jones
Lauren Jones
Review and Compliance Coordinator 
Photo of Nikki Klarmann
Nikki Klarmann
Interim State Archeologist / Public Outreach Archeologist 
Photo of Austin Main
Austin Main
SHPO Archeologist 
Photo of Bill Nicks
Bill Nicks
Site Administrator, Grinter Place 
Photo of Katrina Ringler
Katrina Ringler
Preservation Office Supervisor 
Photo of Tim Rues
Tim Rues
Site Administrator, Constitution Hall 
Photo of Megan Sothan
Megan Sothan
Site Administrator, Hollenberg Pony Express Station 
Photo of Ray Stockman
Ray Stockman
Photo of Ron VanBuskirk
Ron VanBuskirk
Administrative Specialist 
Photo of Ken Wilk
Ken Wilk
Site Administrator, Red Rocks 
Photo of Tammy Younger
Tammy Younger
Site Administrator, Fort Hays 
Photo of Patrick Zollner
Patrick Zollner
Cultural Resources Division Director 


Photo of Robert Arnold
Robert Arnold
Grounds/Custodial Supervisor 
Photo of Bobbie Athon
Bobbie Athon
Director of Communications 
Photo of Matthew Chappell
Matthew Chappell
Division Director - Administration 
Photo of Mark Cole
Mark Cole
Photo of Christine Desmuke
Christine Desmuke
Database Administrator 
Photo of Laura Harmon
Laura Harmon
Administrative Assistant 
Photo of Amber Hermreck
Amber Hermreck
Residence Manager 
Photo of Jaureque J.J. Jones
Jaureque J.J. Jones
Technology Support Consultant 
Photo of Brenda Kipp
Brenda Kipp
Communications Coordinator 
Photo of Joe Krivenko
Joe Krivenko
General Maintenance Repair Technician Senior 
Photo of Ron Mabrey
Ron Mabrey
Custodial Specialist 
Photo of Christopher Pugh
Christopher Pugh
Buildings System Maintenance Technician 
Photo of Brenda Reynoldson
Brenda Reynoldson
Accounting Specialist 
Photo of Neha Sharma
Neha Sharma
Administrative Assistant 
Photo of Penny Shoulders
Penny Shoulders
Custodial Specialist 
Photo of Dayton Still
Dayton Still
Custodial Specialist 
Photo of Ron Stuhr
Ron Stuhr
Grounds Specialist 
Photo of Doug Wadsworth
Doug Wadsworth
Physical Plant Supervisor 
Photo of Lara Williams
Lara Williams
Procurement Officer 
Photo of Ashley Wunder
Ashley Wunder
Visitor Studies Coordinator 
Photo of Patrick Zollner
Patrick Zollner
Acting Executive Director